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How to Overcome the Proven Powerful Long Charged Battery

How to Overcome a Long Battery Charge

How to Overcome a Long Charged Battery – For some people, HP is the center of all activities. Especially during a pandemic, most people rely heavily on information and technology. That way, HP’s power is needed to always be charged in order to launch activities. In charging the battery, not all users use HP with features fast charging or fast charging. The following describes how to solve a long charged battery, including:

1. Using Quality Cables

The charging cable should not be imitation. A low-quality data cable affects the delivery of electrical power to the HP battery. If you can’t buy the original factory data cable, then you can use a good data cable that delivers electrical power. Choked electrical power due to inadequate cables will affect battery life.

In addition to cable quality, users also need to pay attention to cable maintenance. Using the cable without storing it properly can also slow down battery charging. Avoid coiling the cable or stretching the cable in the wrong way. Doing so can cause the inside of the cable to break.

2. Replace the Charging Port on the HP, If it’s Damaged

Incorrect cable unplugging or incorrectly plugging the cable into the charging port will make the port loose. Corrosion can also occur in holes charging when exposed to dust too often. If you have to replace the micro USB port, users can see the HP factory number service center personnel. Handling without an expert is feared will exacerbate unwanted damage.

3. Stop Running Heavy Apps on Charging

When choosing a cellphone that does not have a fast charging feature, users should be patient to wait for the battery to charge. HP is slow to charge, the power will be drained for a long time. When the battery is charged, users are also not advised to run applications that burden the HP work. This causes the battery to be used up when it is charged. Thus the incoming power only charges the reduced charge.

4. Avoid Over-Using During Charging

If it’s not too important, you should postpone using HP. If someone calls, it is recommended to use a headset or say that the cellphone is charging. With this, users can adjust to long charging times.

5. Use the Original Charger Adapter

In addition to cables, adapters also need to be considered. Actually a good adapter for mobile phones is the original one. This is because using a fake adapter can cause slow battery charging. If you want to use it, try not every time. This can affect the battery. Non-original adapters also don’t last long.

6. Checking HP Battery Life

Batteries that are too old will fail to charge. Traits that look like a bloated and easy battery drop when used can not be used continuously. This will affect the work of the processor that uses the battery.

7. Use a Prime Power Source

The source used for electricity should be a power source from a normal power source. When using a power source from a laptop, charging will be less than optimal and take longer. The way to solve the old battery is charging is a power source from the wireless charger. This is because charging wirelessly delivers less energy than sending by cable.

That’s how to deal with a long charged battery that can be applied as a way to deal with a long charged battery. Hp users without features fast charging should control the use of cellphones and be able to do other things without using cellphones. Users can spend time in the real world or fill activities with more productive things.