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How to Overcome Limited Indosat Internet Speed, Must Know!

How to Overcome Limited Indosat Internet Speed

How to Overcome Limited Indosat Internet Speeds – Internet connection is one of the daily necessities needed by everyone to support their work. Bad or slow internet speed will be very annoying especially when the delivery process is long. There are so many factors that can cause someone’s Indosat internet to be slow, one of which is the limited factor. Come on, see, how to overcome the limited Indosat internet speed as follows:

1. Changing Network Settings

Many people use Indosat’s unlimited internet packages because they are cheap and plentiful. However, there are still many who still complain because the internet speed is slow. A fairly easy way that you can do yourself to increase internet speed is by setting the network.

The step that needs to be done is to enter the respective HP settings and then select the connection. After that then select SIM settings and select Indosat card. Set the network mode to 4G for higher internet speed. The choice of network mode usually consists of 3, namely 2G, 3G and 4G.

2. Airplane Mode

One way to overcome Indosat’s limited or slow internet speed is to activate airplane mode on each cellphone. This method is fairly easy because everyone knows this mode. The airplane mode is temporarily activated to change the network mode automatically.

After the airplane mode is deactivated, generally Indosat’s internet connection can be used quickly. Changing the network mode automatically will restore the internet connection to be stable and fast.

3. Restart HP

Have you used the airplane mode method but there is no definite change in the internet speed of each Indosat? This method might be tried to increase Indosat internet speed. Restarting HP or turning off HP temporarily can be done to increase internet speed.

This method is done to restore the HP network settings to return to normal. After turning off the cellphone, turn it back on and try to activate the internet package. This method is considered effective if there is no interference from the center.

4. Contacting the Call Center

One way that can be done to overcome the problematic internet speed is by contacting the call center. This method does require a certain fee, but it can be known exactly what can cause Indosat’s internet connection to be interrupted.

customer service each starter pack will definitely respond to complaints made and process them. You can contact Indosat’s internet package CS at 021-30003000 or send a message to Indosat Ooredoo’s twitter account.

5. Limiting Use

One possible way to do this is by limiting internet use on the cellphone applications you have. The cause of slow internet is often due to the concurrent use of many applications or multi-tasking. Try setting the data usage according to your needs so that the connection is not bad, for example changing to streaming mode if you want to watch Youtube.

Not sharing internet connection with other cellphones or better known as tering. Tetring can cause internet connection to be limited on HP due to sharing data packets with other cellphones. If you carry out the process of using the application, then prioritize it first or finish one at a time.

Well, it is known how to overcome Indosat’s limited internet speed that can be done yourself. Keep checking your respective Indosat internet connection if there are frequent interruptions and do the above method. Contact call center if you can’t solve the problem yourself.