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How to Overcome Full Memory on a Simple Oppo A37 HP

How to Overcome Full Memory on HP Oppo A37

How to Overcome Full Memory on HP Oppo A37 – Have you ever experienced memory problems on an Oppo A37 cellphone? Most likely this disturbance is because the HP memory is easily full. Usually the internal memory on the Oppo A37 cellphone is used for save photos, videos, and other files. As for how to overcome full memory on the Oppo A37 cellphone that can help users..

The internal memory of the Oppo type a37 is usually 16 GB. What actually causes Oppo’s internal storage to fill up quickly? The reasons include the number of files stored, cache and other trash that is rarely removed and so on. The following is a solution to overcome the full internal storage of the Oppo A37, including:

1. Delete SMS and other Messages on Device

Not infrequently users hoard SMS and can even reach hundreds of messages. Even though the SMS is no longer useful even just from the operator. It’s better to SMS it at delete to reduce the load on the device memory and can store other more important data.

For now, incoming messages are not only SMS but can be from other applications such as Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook Inbox, and many more. We recommend that messages that are no longer used are immediately deleted so that they do not fill the memory capacity. Usually the most widely is Whatsapp, because this application is often used for communication.

2. Clear Cache and Other Junk

On how to overcome full memory on the second Oppo A37 cellphone, namely cleaning cache. There are two methods to solve this problem. The first by application and the second by manual. For applications, you can use the One Booster application. This application is able to empty the trash in many applications at once. One booster can already be downloaded on the Play Store.

The second method is by manual. First, go to settings then scroll to “application management”. Then the user just chooses which application to clean. For example, will clean up cache in the Instagram application, just click “Instagram”. Click on “memory usage” then delete cache. It’s easy isn’t it? Just choose which method to use as desired.

3. Removing Less Important Apps

Have an app that you rarely use? Better to just delete it, because it will only fill the storage. In addition to filling the device memory, this also causes the cellphone to be slow. How do I uninstall the app? The trick is to simply long press the application you want to download delete and select “delete” the application will automatically be deleted.

4. Using External Memory

One of the external storage that can be used on the Oppo A37 cellphone is SD card card. Sd card There are various capacities, there are 2GB, 4GB and so on. Just insert the sd card and then move files such as pictures, videos, etc. to reduce storage on the internal Oppo Hp.

5. Restarting the Oppo A37

The way to overcome full memory on the last Oppo A37 cellphone is to restart the device. Step numbers one through four should have solved the storage problem. However, sometimes on the cellphone it still says “memory is full, can’t be used to save”. To remove the writing, the way is to restart the cellphone.

Those are five ways to overcome full memory on the Oppo A37 cellphone that users must know. Do not rush to replace another cellphone before trying the method above. Actually, the method above is not only for the A37 type but also for other types of Oppo.