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Here's How to Play PS2 Games on Android Without Lag You Must Know

How to Play PS2 Games on Android Without Lag You Must Know

Miss playing old games in smartphones? Read how to play games PS2 on android without lag which will be explained in this article. Only with a cellphone in hand, para gamers can Flash back at the same time sharpening skills play. Even though it seems old school, of course games it’s still fun to play. Here are ways to pay attention to:

1. Make sure the phone has qualified specifications

Before playing various games PS2 in smartphones, make sure first cell phone have the appropriate specifications. This is because, not all mobile phones support to play it. Of course, this is a concern so that the gamers can play comfortably without being disturbed by lag. Don’t let the fun of playing suddenly get stuck or even come out on its own.

To expedite the game, at least the Android operating system is 4.0.3. Also make sure you are using a processor in the form of Snapdragon 430. In order to have a clear display, smartphone must be supported by a minimum GPU ARM Mali 400. For RAM of 2GB with free storage space of no less than 3 GB.

2. Download Used PS2 Emulator For Android

In order to be able to play PS2 games smoothly, users smartphone android also have to download emulator first. Later this is used as a tester of several applications without using the help of other devices. Various types of emulators are available and can be used. Like PPSSPP which is available on the Google Play Store. And of course free.

However, there is a better emulator, namely Play! PS2 Emulators. This type has a light size and also does not require a BIOS. Usually other files require BIOS in order to open ISO on android devices. To get it, you have to search on the application provider site because it is not yet available on the Play Store.

3. Download ISO Games PS2

If you have installed the emulator on the device, it is necessary to do how to play games PS2 on android without lag next. Players are required to find the ISO of the usual games on the PS2. Look up the name games that you want to play. Many sites provide it or you can visit and type in the search field.

After finding it, tap on name games the. Then click on the command Download to start the download process immediately. Later it will appear pop up which should be clicked. Wait for it to finish. The thing to remember, you should save all files neatly downloaded in a specific folder. Don’t forget to change the name to make it easier to find.

4. Extract File Downloaded

Usually the downloaded file is in Zip or 7Zip format. In order to be able to use it in smartphone Android certainly requires an application that provides an extract feature. There are variety software that can be selected and easy to use, such as File Manager, 7Zipper, or the well-known Zarchiver. If you don’t have the app yet, you can download it on the Play Store at smartphone belong to the user.

5. Play Games PS2 in Smartphone Android

After extracting it, don’t forget to keep the file tidy so it’s easy to find. later files that has been extracted will turn into an ISO. This means it can be used immediately and will automatically be detected by the Emulator. To play it, open the emulator and search for the name games which will be played using a PS2 stick.

Here’s an explanation of how to play games PS2 on android without lag need to know. Make sure smartphone has met the minimum specifications that have been determined. Also use all the methods and enjoy the fun of playing through mobile phones.