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Here are 5 Ways to Play the Zepeto Game that is Fun and Fun

Here are 5 Ways to Play the Zepeto Game that is Fun and Fun

Zepetto games are now in great demand by Internet users, especially on mobile devices. This is because the avatars in this game are quite diverse and very interesting to play. Everyone can even have their own character. Even though it’s interesting, there are still quite a lot of people who don’t know how to play the Zepeto Game. Therefore, this article will discuss how to play it which is fun and cool.

Game Zepetto is a game developed by Snow Corporation from South Korea. Currently, this interactive game is already available on Playstore and App Store. This game which focuses on 3D characters has a lot of fans, because of its unique and interesting Avatar. This causes many internet users who want to know how to use it. Here’s a summary of how to play Zepetto:

1. Download and Install the Zepetto App

The first way to do in the sequence of how to play the Zepeto game is to download the application. Zepetto itself is already available on various common platforms to download applications, users just need to adjust to the operating system used. After downloading the application, the user can install the application on the cellphone. Don’t forget to also grant app permissions to a certain number of accesses on the phone.

2. Create an Account According to Terms

The application is installed properly on the phone, then the next step is to create an account on this application. Creating an account for new Zepetto users is almost the same as creating an account on other applications, namely a brief personal data and email address. Users can also use another alternative by using a Facebook account to register Zepetto. Make sure the account creation process is completed properly.

3. Select and Create Avatar

The created account can help users to access Zepetto avatar creation. Users can choose various faces for the Avatar in 3D. There are many choices of clothes that can be combined with the created avatar character.

In this process, users can freely play their creativity in making avatars. Of course you can choose and create an avatar as you wish. Zepetto avatars that have been created can also be saved and shared on other social media.

4. Start Finding Friends

The Zepetto application actually has almost the same way of working as social media that brings together many people. Users can start looking for friends who use Zepetto. These friends can be invited to just get acquainted or can also be invited to play. There are a number of features that can link friendships with other players. From there you can play together in the virtual world of Zepetto.

5. Explore Zepetto’s Virtual World

Zepetto has 4 main menus, namely Play, Discover, profile and messages. These four main menus will help users to explore the virtual world of Zepetto. In discover users can link friendships with other players. Then send messages and also save interesting profiles. Finally, users can start exploring the virtual world by meeting friends or visiting places on Zepetto.

Those are some discussions about how to play games Zepeto is cool and easy. This Zepetto game feels more like a medium to interact socially via virtual. There are many friendships and meetings created from this application. Therefore, if you want to play social media in a more unique way, this game is a must try. Of course, there are many interesting menus and games in Zepetto.