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Fun Offline Games for Teens That You Must Try!

Fun Offline Games for Teens That You Must Try!

Fun offline games for teens? Why not? The world today offers a lot of game play offers both online and offline. It’s just that, for some users who want to save on internet usage, they usually choose to look for offline games. If many people think that exciting games can only be played online, then it is mandatory to try some of the following game recommendations.

There are lots of game recommendations that you can try. However, in this article we will discuss 5 offline games that are definitely fun for teenagers and must be tried. Curious? Here’s the review:

1. Minecraft

Some people are certainly no stranger to this one game. This game made by Mojang has become one of the most popular games with proven downloads of 10 million times. This game can be played by children to teenagers to build a dream city as dreamed of. Various features are provided that you can try to build hotels, houses and cities which are definitely fun!

2. Six Guns: Gang Showdown

The next game that can be tried and included in the recommendations for fun offline games for teens is Six Guns: Gang Showdown. In this game, gamers are challenged to run characters who live in a very wild cowboy world. Players will also be required to do battle by risking their lives.

Not only against the ruthless bandits in the city. Players also have to fight vampires that are fierce enough to survive. With the excitement, this game can be said as a game that is quite stressful and of course can be played offline.

3. Asphalt 8

The next game that is no less exciting is the Asphalt 8 game. This game which focuses more on inviting the players to do racing games is quite interesting. In this game, players will be challenged to do car races, choose the best car, modify cars, to choose weapons.

4. Minion Rush

The next thing that is no less stressful is the minion rush game. This game is one of the most popular games. Already about dozens of gamers who have downloaded this game.

This game is very exciting with players who are challenged to run minions. The goal is to walk to collect bananas with obstacles that are certainly not easy. Moreover, there are lots of mysterious rooms that must be solved to make this game even more interesting.

5. Badland

The next game you can try is Badland, an adventure game that can be played without an internet connection or offline. In this game, players will be asked to move the fur ball up and down until it jumps. But that’s not all, the longer the challenge will be tough because there will be monsters and robots that will chase and kill the fur ball.

6. Infinity Loop

The last game that is no less challenging is Infinity Loop. This game can be regarded as a puzzle game that is quite exciting and certainly sharpens the brain. The concept is actually quite simple, players just have to connect the pipes. Even so, this game can not be underestimated because it is very difficult to connect the pipe until there is nothing left.

Those are some games that you can try as fun offline games for teens. The six of them can certainly be tried and can be played without using an internet connection. Now there is no need to be confused anymore to choose exciting games that can be played offline. How? What game will you try first?