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Easy! Here are 5 Ways to Turn Off Windows 10 Automatic Updates

How to Turn Off Windows 10 Automatic Updates

5 Ways to Turn Off Windows 10 Automatic Updates – Microsoft often releases updatesthe latest version via a laptop or PC automatically. This is useful to prevent it from being out of date. Of course, this will be very inconvenient if you have to be willing to lose data because it is automatically updated and does not have time to save. Finally, many users want to find out how to turn off updates Windows 10 auto on the internet.

Mengupdates automatically takes up a lot of space, make sure to always delete files or trash for it to run properly. RAM with a small memory capacity will usually make a laptop or computer slow. How to turn off updates Windows 10 auto? Here are 5 steps you can take:

1. Using the Delay Update Feature

Delaying updates is a great option for users who want to stop automatic updates. This feature already exists on all computers and laptops. Being an option to make this feature also has its minuses. How to turn off updates Windows 10 automatically has a very long period of time.

The location of the delaying update feature is in “update & security” in the settings menu. There will be several choices including windows updates. An empty column appears next to the words “defer upgrade” check it and you’re done.

2. Utilize Scalable Connections

Rated connection (metered connection) is the second choice that is the mainstay of laptop or PC users. There is a well-measured internet restriction feature. This metered connection is already in WiFi in “network & internet”.

Scroll the on mode to turn on this metered connection feature, and if it is already connected, the internet usage or access will automatically be limited. Besides stopping automatic updates, this feature saves on internet quota as well. Of course it will be safe and not too risky if used for a long period of time.

3. Make use of the Centralized Configuration Area in Windows

Centralized Configuration Area (control panel) is one of the features that are already built into the computer. Users can open the menu tab then select control panel. After that, you can choose administrative tools in the system and security menu.

To do updatesuser can select windows updates change setting from position able Becomes disable. After that, select stop and then click ok. If you really want to change it to automatic again, you can click start.

4. Disable Windows Update

Then the fourth way is to disable Windows updates. It’s very easy, look for it in the menu bar position in the lower right corner, just type Service. Done, click mouse right side, choose run as administrator. Swipe down until it says eWindows update entry yes.

There is a box where if it says running, just click mouse right side then click also stop. The last one is on the menu properties click the right mouse button right away. This option is belowtartup type. Continue select disable then ok. Done

5. Using the Help Center

The final step how to turn off updates Windows 10 is automatic with the help of the center, namely Group Policy. Of course, this step will take a long time depending on the use of the laptop or PC. How to use it write “gpedit.msc” in the search menu or with the windows bar plus R.

Give the words “configuration+administrative templates+windows component+windows update+edit”. After writing it will immediately change, which was originally automatically updated to notify for download and notify for install and done.

The steps above are easy for all users to use to stop automatic updates on a PC or laptop. Because how to turn off updates Windows 10 is automatically visited by many users because they experience something unwanted. However, do not stop the automatic update permanently and continuously, it is highly discouraged.

Given the more advanced technology today, of course, updates in Windows will also be more sophisticated. If it is not updated, it will certainly hinder its use. Before that happens, then following the method above is the right choice that can be practiced by anyone.