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Collection of Important Google Chrome Tutorials to Know

Collection of Important Google Chrome Tutorials to Know

For those who frequently surf the internet, you must be familiar with Google Chrome. This search engine application that has many users is often relied on because it has various interesting features. Loyal Google Chrome users need to learn a collection of important Google Chrome tutorials to make it easier to use.

Google Chrome itself is claimed to be browser with the most users worldwide. It is not surprising that many are interested in studying the system in this application to add insight as well as find the hidden tricks in it. Google itself has revealed related tutorials to make the most of Chrome. Some that can be tried are as follows:

1. Make Chrome Compatible With Extensions and Themes

Having an attractive Google Chrome display will certainly boost your spirits browsing when going to work or study. Not many know, it turns out that Google Chrome can be customized with the themes and extensions that users want. Extensions themselves are separate additional features that can be included in Google Chrome.

The applied theme will appear around the frame browser and in the background when the user opens a new tab. Interestingly, the downloaded theme will be saved to your Google account so that the theme is automatically installed when you download it login Chrome on any device. Here’s how to apply the theme:

  • Open Google Chrome on the user’s device.
    • At the top right of the screen, press “More” then select “Settings”.
    • In the Display options, press “Themes”.
    • Press again on “Thumbnails” to find various themes.
    • Look for the desired theme and if you find it press “Add to Chrome” then the theme will be automatically applied to Chrome users.

2. Delete Search History Completely

Have you ever felt Google Chrome slowing down even though the internet connection was fine? Don’t immediately guess that the user’s device has a problem. This could be because the browsing history has accumulated. The more browsing history that is stored and not cleared, the heavier Google Chrome will be and impact its performance.

Deleting search history is one of a collection of Google Chrome tutorials that is important to know because this is how Chrome’s performance will return to normal. This method can also simultaneously clear cache and cookies from Google Chrome. Check out the steps below:

  • Open the Google Chrome app on the user’s device. While on the startup page, press CTRL and H at the same time via keyboards.
    • With this shortcut, the user will be immediately directed to the display

history. There, press the button “Clear browsing data

  • The system will bring up a new display. Put a check mark on “Browsing history” and other data that you want to delete. For example cache, download history and others.
    • If so, press “Clear browsing data” which is at the bottom.

3. Delete Part of Search History

If the trick learned earlier was to delete the entire search history, what if you want to delete only part of it? Of course this can also be done. Some people want to save important histories so that they can be known again in the future. Here’s how users can delete some history what you want:

  • Enter History in Google Chrome by pressing “Customize and Control” at the far right of this application.
    • Press menu “History” then press back on option “History”.
    • In short, users can press a combination of the CTRL and H keys to open the history tab.
    • The sites you’ve visited will appear and tick the desired site.
    • End by pressing the “Remove selected items” so that the checked history can be deleted.

4. Enable Sync Feature in Google Chrome on Google Account

The fourth point in this collection of important Google Chrome tutorials can help users to synchronize various data on Google accounts. For example, password bookmarks, history, and other settings found in Google Chrome. Once the data is synced, users can view and update the info on various devices.

Thanks to synchronization, users will automatically login on YouTube, Gmail and other Google services. Another advantage of enabling sync is that users can still get Google Chrome information if they switch devices or they lose their device. For Android users, here’s how you can follow:

  • Open the Google Chrome app and tap on “More” which is to the right of the URL field.
    • Select the “Settings” option then press “Enable sync”.
    • The system will give you a choice of the account you want to use. Select one of them if multiple Google accounts of the user are available.
    • Tap on “yes, I agree” to enable sync on the selected account.
  • Addressing Messages Error Your Connection is not Private

Google Chrome users may have gotten the message error of this application. From various messages error available, one that often appears is the message “Your connection is not private” This problem will hinder the search in Google Chrome because the user becomes unable to access the destination site.

To solve this problem, users can pay attention to the date and time on the device they are using. Generally, order error This appears because the time on the laptop or computer does not match the actual time. If indeed the time setting on the user’s device does not match, please change the date and time to be more precise. Check Google Chrome after changing the time setting.

6. Enabling Incognito Mode Agar History Not Saved

In fashion defaults, Google Chrome will remember the sites you have visited by saving them in your browsing history. While this feature is very helpful, there are also users who want their traces to be unknown. How to remove traces of this search can be learned as one of the collection of Google Chrome tutorials that are important to know.

Google Chrome itself has facilitated users with incognito mode so that their activities are not recorded in the history. This is useful if the user opens Chrome on another device to access an undisclosed site. Here’s how to enable incognito mode:

  • Enter the Google Chrome menus by pressing the symbol in the upper right corner.
    • Tap on the “Incognito Window” option.
    • The system will bring up a new window which is an incognito tab. In this window, users are free to open any site without worrying about being recorded on the website history.

7. Create Your Own Profile on Google Chrome

When someone else borrows a computer or laptop to browse on Google Chrome, don’t worry history, bookmarks and after the other is known. Users can create their own profiles to solve this problem. The trick, open Chrome via the desktop and enter the “Profile” menu. Press “Add” to create a profile. Users can also enable synchronization at this stage.

After having a new profile, users can direct others who will access Google Chrome using another profile. To switch profiles, re-enter the “Profile” menu and select the desired profile. That way, the settings in the user’s profile will not be visible to other profiles.

The collection of Google Chrome tutorials that are important to know above can be applied as needed. By knowing these tips and tricks, users can make the most of Google Chrome with a different sensation than usual. This trick will make Google Chrome users more comfortable and reluctant to switch to Google Chrome browser other.