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6 Ways to Overcome a Telkomsel Card that Can't Connect to the Internet

6 Ways to Overcome a Telkomsel Card that Can't Connect to the Internet

How to Overcome a Telkomsel Card that Can’t Connect to the Internet – Have you ever experienced a Telkomsel card problem that couldn’t connect to the internet? Interference like this is a problem that often occurs in Telkomsel users. Even though the quota is still there, it is often not connected to the browser. How to solve this problem? This article will review how to overcome a Telkomsel card that cannot connect which must be tried.

What actually causes the Telkomsel provider to fail to connect? The reasons include not registering the card, past the active quota period, an error in network settings, or the quota has run out. One of the characteristics of this problem is that the signal at the top is X. But don’t worry, here is a solution so that Telkomsel can connect:

1. Make sure internet quota is still available

Don’t panic if suddenly the Telkomsel card can’t be connected. Who knows because the internet quota has run out. Currently, internet quotas are divided, such as special quotas for chat, internet, streaming, study quotas, etc. Telkomsel card users must be careful in choosing when buying so that later they can be right on target when using.

Most Telkomsel provider users are still confused about how to check whether the quota is still available. Actually on the internet there is already a way but sometimes lazy to read. Here’s one way to check the first Telkomsel data package, click *363# and make a call. Then select “check status” and press “okay” then there will be notification from sms.

2. Ensure Provider Registration

The second sequence of ways to deal with Telkomsel cards that cannot connect is to activate Telkomsel. Not a few users forget to register their provider so they can be used. No matter how much the quota, if the card has not been registered, it cannot be used. Therefore, after installing the card, make sure the provider is registered.

3. Check Signal

Network is one of the causes of smooth internet connection. Make sure the network on the Telkomsel card is available. If the signal is difficult to obtain, then the internet will be even slower. Then, how to get a network? Make sure the user is in a place that can reach the Telkomsel network. Avoid shady trees, large walls, and high places.

4. Enter Data Package Correctly

The way to use the Telkomsel provider is to make sure you enter the quota correctly. Currently the data quota is not only from pulses, but there is already a voucher. When entering the voucher, make sure the numbers are correct so that the Telkomsel card can be connected. Has it been done?

5. Turn Airplane Mode On and Off

The next powerful trick to get Telkomsel to connect is to activate airplane mode. By activating airplane mode, the activity on the device will be stopped including the internet. The previously busy network will take a short break. Wait a few minutes then disable airplane mode. Internet will start its activities again and guaranteed to be smooth.

6. Ask the Experts

After steps 1 to 5 have been carried out but there is no result, the user must ask someone who is more knowledgeable. You can ask directly where to buy the Telkomsel provider to get a solution. So that the handling is faster, then tell me the problem that occurs on the card.

Those are six reviews on how to deal with a Telkomsel card that can’t connect that users need to know. Try one by one step above to get maximum results. Do not rush to change to another provider because there are many ways to fix the problem. Hopefully this article can be useful for Telkomsel users.