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5 Strongest Tanks in Mobile Legends Suitable for Pro Players

5 Strongest Tanks in Mobile Legends Suitable for Pro Players

Mobile Legends online game is one of many games popular today. Mobile Legends is also famous for its fun and challenging gameplay, many characters and also many heroes that players can use. The types of items available are quite a lot, one of which is the Tank. The following will review the strongest mobile legends tank that users can choose to win the Mobile Legends game.

Mobile Legends is one of the fighting games on line most famous today. Millions of players meet and fight every day in space on line this game. Therefore, you may be familiar with the weapons or heroes used in the game. The following is a review of the strongest Tank in the Mobile Legends game:

1. Franco

The first Hero Tank in the mobile legends strongest Tank review that will be discussed is Franco. This hero is unique with his ability to take or kidnap enemies. Franco has the ability to take the opponent’s Hero with his Hook.

Players can also determine the opponent’s Hero to be taken and killed. The use of Franco’s Hero Tank is very common and is also often used in games. So, it is suitable for attacking certain targets.

2. Esmeralda

The next discussion is about the Hero Tank Esmeralda. This hero has extraordinary defensive power, it can even be said that it is difficult to turn off. The defensive ability of this hero is very helpful for defense in the game. This of course will make players who use this hero, able to survive various enemy attacks.

However, Esmeralda has a number of drawbacks, namely that it is sometimes subject to restrictions in some areas game play. So, although it is good enough for mobile legend players to use, players must also use this hero in the right game.

3. Johnson

Johnson is one of the Hero Tanks who are known to be very strong and quite feared. This hero has a lot of uniqueness and power that benefits the player. Can change into other forms with increased power.

This Hero Tank can also be combined with other heroes such as Saber, Eudora, Odette and many more. This Hero’s ability to defend himself is also a plus for a defense.

4. Gloo

In E-sport matches in major tournaments, Hero Tank Gloo is quite commonly used. The most prominent strength in this hero is the ability to clean minions quickly. This hero also has the ability to stick or become a parasite on the opponent’s hero. So, the opponent’s hero can be affected by his movements. This strength is a strong reason why this hero is included in the ranks of the Strongest Tank.

5. Tigreal

Tigreal has the ability to protect the team very well and makes him one of the Strongest Tank Heroes. This Hero Tank is very suitable as a reinforcement for defense in the game. Tigreal’s abilities or skills are already Full Crowd Control.

So, very good to be used as an opening attack. This hero will definitely help the game a lot if properly placed. Therefore, keep an eye on strength and strategy, lest this powerful Hero is not used effectively. If you successfully use this hero, it is guaranteed that the player can win the battle.

Those are a number of discussions about the strongest mobile legends tank that users can try to use to play Mobile Legends. The various types of tanks can be adjusted by the user according to the game strategy that has been built. Choose the best Hero Tank and prepare an effective strategy for each winning game run.