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5 Simplest Ways to Turn Off the i7s Bluetooth Headset

5 Simplest Ways to Turn Off the i7s Bluetooth Headset

Appearance headset now it’s more sophisticated because there is a wireless version that will pamper its users even more. One of the headsets that have utilized this technology is the i7S headset. The use of this headset is certainly not the same as headset which uses a cable so it is often confusing. The following will explain how to turn off bluetooth headset i7S important note:

1. Go to Settings

Turning on this type of headset can be done by turning on bluetooth in the Settings section so that turning it off is the same as having to go through Settings. Look for the Settings menu on the user’s iPhone. The menu can be searched through the search field or the user can search for it manually.

This setting consists of many options because indeed all the settings on the HP are in this menu. There are various settings, ranging from display settings, connections, ringing tones, to connections on this menu. Users will be confused if they don’t know how to set it up.

2. Click Menu Bluetooth

How to turn off bluetooth headset The next i7S is to choose the Bluetooth menu which is in the third order from the top after the user selects Settings. The sign from the Bluetooth menu is blue and there is a letter B indicating that it is a Bluetooth device.

Users only need to press men Bluetooth if they have found it. Guaranteed, users will not be confused to find this menu because it is very easy to find and the symbols are also easy to recognize. What’s more, the order is at the top so it’s often visible to the eye.

3. Disable Bluetooth

Users who have found the menu Bluetoothplease deactivate Bluetooth so that it is no longer connected to the i7S headset. Automatically the song that is playing will be stopped and can no longer be listened to via headsets. Of course this method is different from headset just unplug the cable from smartphone if you want to turn it off.

It’s actually very easy to do this way and anyone can understand it easily even if you are still a beginner. Need to know that headset This type is safer and not easily damaged because there is no cable. Interestingly, this headset is very flexible because it can be carried anywhere without being complicated.

4. Reactivate Automatic Ear Detection

Next, the user must make settings so that the automatic sound can be heard by the ear without the need to use a headset. The way to do this is to scroll to the bottom and find Bluetooth Music. The right side of Bluetooth Music has an (i) mark and the user has to click on it.

Next, the next screen will appear containing the Automatic Ear Detection. The task of the user is to reactivate the section. This method will automatically make the sound heard again by the ear without having to use a headset.

5. Process Complete

If you have done the process from 1 to 4, it means that the method that can be done is to turn off the headset. There are so many advantages of the i7S headset that can be enjoyed so that it will not be detrimental to the user. It is noted that this headset can last up to 4 hours to listen to music and the distance can be up to 12 m.

How to turn off bluetooth headset i7S can be done easily by anyone so it will not be difficult for users. Understand well every step so as not to be wrong in turning off the headset. Try to be calm and patient in doing each step so that it can run smoothly. Rest assured that headset this is the best version and the design is attractive so it is suitable for collection.