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5 Recommendations for Android Games that Can Get Married and Have Children Offline

5 Recommendations for Android Games that Can Get Married and Have Children Offline

Play games is a fun way to pass the spare time. Especially now that there are many games by sharing genre and stories that can be obtained for free on the Play Store. One of game genre which is liked by many people is games Android that can get married and have kids offline. It is because games like this has a complicated storyline.

Game flow in games like this is very similar to the story in reality. Players need to find work and earn money in order to get married and have children. In addition, usually players are also required to be able to manage their finances in order to meet all the needs of their families. This is really games the fun one! Here’s 5 offline games with genre something like that is worth a try:

1. Dream Stories

Games It tells the story of a player who is required to pay off his parents’ many debts. To pay it off, players are given 10 weeks. If you can’t pay it off within the allotted time, then the player must marry a terrible loan shark’s daughter.

The only solution is to work in Citampi City and send his salary to his parents. When in the city of Citampi, players will then be faced with various situations that make it difficult for them. Players must be able to live their lives in Citampi City, end their single life, get married, have children, and a series of other storylines.

2. Virtual Families 2

Games This second series of Virtual Families still carries mechanisms and themes that are almost similar to the previous series. However, this second series is accompanied by improvements in various things. One of them is a visual design that is neater and smoother.

In the game, players will be entertained with stories about how a new family was formed. The family is a family that has just entered an area and is interested in finding a new home to live in. Players are required to be able to make the house design as good as possible as in the real world. In addition, there is also a wedding session when the characters want to continue their offspring.

3. Virtual Housewife Newly Married Happy Family Game

The game is also one of the games Android that can get married and have kids offline. The story tells of a wife who takes care of her children and a husband in her family. As in real life, players must socialize with their neighbors. In addition, players also have to make breakfast for their husbands who will go to work, take care of the children, and clean the kitchen.

4. Newlyweds Couple Happy Family Virtual Wedding Game

The game begins with a player who wants to get married and try a home life. Towards the time of the wedding, the player needs to buy a ring in order to propose to his girlfriend. At the time of proposing, the player must ask his girlfriend to marry him.

The wedding day is getting closer and players want to have a magnificent, luxurious, and smooth wedding. After the marriage takes place as desired, start a new happy life. So, this is games the best family for those who want to know and experience the married life of newlyweds.

5. The Sims Free Play

This is games made by Electronic Arts (EA) which matches games The Sims. Players can create their imaginary house, work as they wish, develop their skills, get married, even have children and much more. To be able to install games In this case, the storage space that must be prepared is about 500 MB.

Those were 5 recommendations games Android that can get married and have kids offline. Play games This is indeed one of the most exciting activities. Players can feel in the shoes of other characters and learn to make decisions in their lives. That’s why games with genre This kind of thing always has a special place in the hearts of the players.