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5 Effective Ways To Keep Pubg Mobile Unbroken

5 Effective Ways To Keep Pubg Mobile Unbroken

How to keep PUBG mobile from breaking, everyone needs to know gamer Indonesia. If a case like this happens, of course the PUBG game will not be interesting anymore. Not only that, gamer It will also be difficult to win.

For that, in the article gaming the following will explain the technique so that PUBG mobile does not break. The method is very easy as long as all sequences are executed to completion. So, please take a look at this review of the method in question:

1. Clean Cache Games

Sometimes the PUBG game breaks down due to the presence of cache that pile up. So, there is some kind of disturbance to output an image that causes it to appear uneven. This issue should be resolved immediately as it also has the potential to cause the device leg.

How to clean cache PUBG games are not difficult. Gamers can use the features Settings which is on android. To do this, please click the gear icon then select Applications and select Application Manager. If a menu option appears, please select PUBG Mobile.

If the view switches to a new window, please see the feature options on the right. There is a Clean feature Cache or Clear Cache. Please click the feature and wait for the cleaning process to complete. After that, please log in again to the PUBG account.

2. Disable Background Apps

The way to keep Pubg Mobile from breaking, which also solves the problem is to turn off or disable applications running in the background. If the number of active applications is large enough, of course it will also affect the image of the PUBG game. Gamers will also find it difficult to get the perfect game picture. Therefore, gamers need to turn off these unneeded applications.

To do this, please open Settings on your cellphone. After that click Application Manager or Application Manager and then click All Applications. There are some applications that are not needed. Please click one by one then select Force Stop, then this application automatically turns off and is no longer in the background. If all applications have been disabled, please open PUBG Mobile again to check.

3. Clean Phone RAM and Memory

Sometimes PUBG videos are broken even lag caused by RAM and memory are too full. The solution that can be used is to wipe it clean. So, gamers can return to playing PUBG comfortably.

To clean RAM and phone memory is very easy. In addition to being able to use third-party applications such as Master Cleaner, gamers can also use the features of Settings which is on android. If you use the features Settingsgamers just open the settings, usually in work table there is already a notification of the amount of RAM as well as a feature to delete data that is not important.

4. Change Game Settings with GFX Tools App

Gamers can use third-party applications to solve the broken PUBG images. One of software what you can try is GFX Tools which can be downloaded directly from the official site. Don’t worry, this application can be used for free.

If the GFX Tools application has been downloaded, please find the icon on Android and click to activate it. After that, change the resolution at the top to 1280 HD. This is already the lowest resolution and is usually capable of dealing with broken PUBG videos.

5. Download Game Booster

PUBG images are intermittent sometimes caused by the phone not focusing on the game. That is, the power of the android machine is separated for other services, so for PUBG the percentage is less. Even though this game has heavy specifications.

For that, please download Game Booster. This is an application to focus the android machine and memory specifically for the PUBG game only. Later, gamers will get video and speed loading outstanding.

Those are some ways so that PUBG mobile doesn’t break that you can try gamer from Indonesia. Don’t worry, these methods are free and only require a small amount of data if you use the application. So, gamers don’t have to pay any extra fees.