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What are the default Xiaomi applications that can be deleted?

Xiaomi App

What are the default xiaomi applications that can be deleted? This time will discuss anything bloatware app in xiaomi which can be deleted so as not to result in errors and fatal to the system and other applications.

There are several advantages that we get when we delete the default application on the Xiaomi cellphone. For example, making the cellphone lighter, freeing up phone memory, and lightening the CPU load to process fewer applications.

For users of MIUI 7, 8, 9 and MIUI 10, you must be familiar with the many xiaomi default applications. And this time we will provide a list of what applications you can delete but the cellphone is still safe.

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Xiaomi Default Apps That Can Be Removed

Email (Email.apk)

There is a default email application on Xiaomi, but because there is already a Gmail application from Google, it is a shame that the Xiaomi email application is not used and becomes redundant so you can delete it.

Input (BugReport.apk)

Actually this application is quite important for application developers or for those of you who like to report bugs on xiaomi. But along with the updates provided by Xiaomi, such as an upgrade from MIUI 9 to MIUI 10, it seems that it doesn’t exist anymore bugs that we find.

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Mi Credit (PaymentService.apk)

This application is okay if you want to delete it, because for users in Indonesia itself it is not too important. This is a payment system issued by xiaomi for certain places in china.

Mi Picks (MiPicks.apk)

Applications are not very important, safe to delete

Analytics (AnalyticsCore.apk)

The analytics application on xiaomi is an application that functions to send data to the xiaomi server for MIUI development purposes. You can delete this application and it is safe for cellphones.

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With some of the explanations above, you already know, what are the default Xiaomi applications that are safe to delete? Hopefully this article is useful and can increase our knowledge together, thank you.