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Types of Proposals in General and Examples

Types of Proposals

Proposal comes from English, ‘Propose’ which has the meaning of submitting or submitting, or requesting. According to its understanding, a proposal is a document that contains a plan of activity that is systematically and in detail. The types of proposals that you should know. You can customize each of these types according to the type of event and purpose.

A proposal according to the KBBI itself is a plan that is outlined in the form of a work plan that is prepared with the rules of preparing a good and correct proposal structure. In general, it can be said that a proposal is a plan that is outlined in the form of a written activity plan and is explained in a systematic and detailed manner.

So before making a proposal, first know what kind of proposal you want to make by knowing the type.

The purpose of making a proposal varies greatly, a proposal can be used as a request for permission for something, obtain approval, ask for sponsors, to ask for funds by the people concerned.

In the proposal we can also mention the nominal amount of funds we need.

And here are the types of proposals:

Activity Proposal

As the name suggests, an activity proposal is a proposal made for an activity plan. The contents are related to the submission of activity plans whether they are individual or group.

Usually, activity proposals are submitted in addition to asking for permission, they also ask for a certain amount of funds from certain parties. And in return, the funder will get a place for the party to advertise something.

An example of this activity proposal could be in the form of:

Business proposal

In contrast to the activity proposals that are filled with school children’s activities, this type is more dominant for certain businessmen.

This proposal relates to the business world, be it for individual or group businesses. This proposal is also often referred to as a business proposal. The content and structure of the documents are more complicated, but the goal is the same, namely obtaining permits and seeking additional capital from willing investors.

Examples of business or business proposals can take the form of:

  • Proposal for Establishing a Business
  • Proposal Call for Cooperation
  • Craft Business Proposal
  • Toast Business Proposal
  • Catering Business Proposal
  • Restaurant Business Proposal

Research proposal

The next types of proposals are research proposals. This type is used for the academic field, but can also be used in the field of science with the hope that we can get a sponsor who is willing to fund our research or obtain permission so that research can be carried out with the approval of the parties concerned.

Research proposals are prepared systematically, scientifically, and proposals must be submitted using sentences that are in accordance with the purpose of making the proposal. A good research proposal must be objective, so that the truth can be accounted for

Examples of research proposals are as follows:

  • Research Proposal on Sugarcane Waste that Can be Used as Fuel
  • Research Proposal for Hydro Power Station Voltage Stability Analysis
  • 12 Volt Stove Design Research Proposal
  • Research Proposal to Analyze Causes of Failure of Fungal Growth on Glass Surfaces
  • Research Proposal About Student Learning Motivation
  • Research Proposal Regarding Learning strategies

Project Proposal

The term project proposal is written to distinguish between business and research proposals. Project proposals have a tendency to offer activities that are more social in nature, non-profit, and are used for the benefit of government programs, or in certain companies.

Even so, the form of a project proposal is not much different from a research and business proposal, because in that proposal they offer services, products, and programs.

Here are some sample project proposals:

  • Project Proposal for Civil Religion Implementation in GLD (Gerakan Lampung Damai)
  • Highway Construction Project Proposal
  • Apartment Development Project Proposal
  • Shophouse Development Project Proposal
  • Information Systems Project Proposal
  • Building Construction Project Proposal

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There are about 4 types of proposal types that you need to know about. Now which proposal will you make and suit your interests?