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There is a Quota but Can't Telkomsel Internet? Here's How To Overcome It

There is a quota but no Telkomsel internet

There is a quota but can’t get Telkomsel internet? What actually happened and how to solve it? Don’t worry, because it’s not just one or two people who have experienced this, even all users must have experienced this.

As we know that Telkomsel is one of the providers of the country that already has users throughout Indonesia. And even become the number one cellular operator with a lot of customer data.

Therefore, this state-owned company continues to strive to improve the quality of the network in order to provide satisfaction for its customers. But that doesn’t mean there are no problems at all on this card, of course there are some problems that are often experienced by users such as not being able to connect to the internet for example.

Cards that cannot connect to the internet network are usually marked by the disappearance of Telkomsel’s 4G signal, cellular data does not appear. Or if not, the card still displays a 4G signal, only when used for browsing or opening certain sites, only Dinosaur images appear, as well as when used to other internet sites.

What is the real cause of this problem?

There may be 6 causes that make the Telkomsel card unable to connect to the internet:

  • You have not paid the internet package bill that was billed in the form of credit (do not have enough credit)
  • You don’t have a Flash quota package
  • Your APN configuration is not correct
  • Your location does not support Telkomsel’s super fast internet service
  • Maybe the site you are using to surf the internet has a problem. Try checking by opening other sites
  • Your HP has a problem

If the problem is the card, you can do some of the ways below to fix it. But if your phone is the problem, then you have to take it to a repairman.

How to Overcome There is Quota But Can’t Telkomsel Internet

Replenishing Credit or Paying Telkomsel Card Bills

Telkomsel has 2 types of cards, namely: prepaid and postpaid. The difference between the two lies in the method of payment. If prepaid, the payment is made before using the service. While postpaid, the payment is made after using the service.

If you are a prepaid user, it is mandatory to check your bill. How to check it by opening the My Telkomsel application or code *888#. Make sure the code you entered is correct or an invalid mmi code notification will appear later.

That way you can know the amount of bills you have to pay by filling the card with credit.

Set Your APN Correctly

Another cause of the problem is that there is a quota but can’t get internet Telkomsel can also be affected by the APN (Access Point Name). To solve this problem, you can configure the Telkomsel APN in the following way:

  • Open the settings menu, then look for the ‘Network and Internet’ option
  • Select ‘Mobile Network’, then click APN (Access Point Name)
  • Then enter the APN settings that you think are right

We have several Telkomsel APN settings that are suitable for Android and IOS devices that support 4G networks.

Name: Telkomsel 4G
APN: internet
Proxy: Not Set
Port: Not Set
Username: Not Set
Password: Not Set
Server: Not Set
MMSC: Not Set
MMS Proxy: Not Set
MMS Port:Not Set
MBC: 10
Authentication Type: Not Set
APN Type: default
APN Protocol: IPv4
APN Roaming Prptocol: IPv4
Enable/Disable APN: APN Enabled
Bearers: Unspecified
MVNO Type: None
MVNO Value: Not Set

Check If You Still Have Telkomsel Flash Quota

This is the simplest way to solve why Telkomsel doesn’t want to connect you to the internet. They divide the quota into several parts. There is a Flash quota (quota for all internet services), a quota only for Facebook, a chat quota and a social media quota.

Try checking first, whether the remaining quota still has Flash quota or not. The reason is that if the Flash quota has run out, you will not be able to browse or surf on other internet sites considering that the main quota has run out.

How to check Flash quota can be done via the My Telkomsel application or code *888#

Contact Telkomsel Customer Service

If the above method still doesn’t fix the problem, there is a quota but can’t get Telkomsel internet, then immediately contact the Telkomsel card customer service contact.

Telkomsel itself makes it easy for customers to contact them at any time. You can contact via social media Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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For questions about Telkomsel products, you can use Telkomsel’s Virtual Assistant on Line, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and directly from Telkomsel’s own website.

If it’s very urgent, you can also contact via telephone at 188 (300 calls every time you connect to CS), 08071811811 (local calls apply), +628110000333 (free) or you can also come directly to the nearest Telkomsel GraPARI in your city.

By contacting Telkomsel customer service, you can ask anything related to your card, such as not being able to access the internet, sim card has no service, packages exist but can’t connect and various other things.