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Systematics of Writing Good and Correct Papers

Systematics of Writing Papers

You may find writing papers when you have started to enter the level of higher education. At that time, you will always be faced with making papers assigned by the lecturers, either individually or in groups.

Basically, even though they are different in doing it, the systematic model of making papers both individually and in groups is the same. Writing a paper even though it looks very difficult, but if you know the basics of making it and the systematics of making it, actually writing a paper is very easy.

Therefore, the key to making a paper is that you have to know how to systematically write a good and correct paper. You can’t just write a paper. It is possible that later your paper will be rejected or not accepted by the lecturer when you submit it.

Paper Writing Format

Paper Writing Format

When you want to make a paper, there are several parts that must be understood in order to be able to make a good and correct paper, and easily understood by readers. The following are important parts in the systematics of writing a paper.

Font size and font type

Font size and font type

Before writing a paper, it’s a good idea to first determine the font size and type of font that you will use in your paper writing. Sometimes, the type and size of this font is adjusted to the lecturer, so it’s also a good idea to ask in advance what font type and size will be used if you get an assignment to write a paper.

However, if you want to follow the general rule, you can use the type Times New Roman font with font size 12.

It is a general standard in writing a paper. If you already know it, then you can arrange it first before writing a paper later. This setting is on the top toolbar. You’ll be able to meet him later.

Paragraph type

Paragraph type

After you determine the font size and font type, then you need to set or choose the right type of paragraph to use in writing your paper. There are 4 types of paragraphs that you can choose according to your wishes. There are left-aligned paragraphs, right-aligned paragraphs, centered paragraphs, and left and right-aligned paragraphs.

In every writing, it is usually often found that people use left-aligned paragraphs and left- and right-aligned paragraphs. But, for writing papers, you should choose the type of left and right aligned paragraphs only.

In addition, usually for writing papers and scientific papers, this paragraph is more often used than left-aligned paragraphs. By choosing the type of left and right aligned paragraphs, the paper writing that you make will look neat both from the left paragraph and the right paragraph side.

Margin settings

Margins can also be considered as the layout design of the paper that you will be working on later. At the margin, usually will set the border from the left, top, right, and also bottom between the writing and the paper distance when printed later.

To be able to find out the position and size of the margin you use when you write, you can see it on the ruler. The ruler is usually located at the top. There will display the position at what distance the writing you use.

You can find these margin settings in the menu bar in the Page Layout section. There will be a Margin option. By default, there are usually some default margins that you can choose from.

However, if you don’t find the type of margin you want, then you can create your own version of the margin in the Custom Margin option. You will be faced with a choice of what margin size you want to use.

Generally margin setting for paper writing usually use a size of 4 cm for the left edge and top edge. Then measure 3 cm for the right edge and bottom edge.

Page number

Page number

The use of page numbers is sometimes often used if the paper you are writing has a lot of sheets, but it can also be done at the request of the lecturer. Sometimes, there are also papers that do not have to use page numbers if the paper written has a few sheets.

However, the use of page numbers is considered better because it will create a very good and neat paper writing. To use page numbers in your paper, you can set it on the Insert menu bar and select the Page Number option.

There will also be presented various templates of page numbers that you can use. However, for paper writing, you can choose the page number template at the bottom on the right side.

Use of spaces

Spacing in writing your paper also needs to be considered. Writing a good paper of course writing between sentences is not too close and not too far away. Generally, you can use a space with a size of 1.5 cm.

Although there are many default options for the use of spaces, generally for writing papers, the size is 1.5 cm. It is different again with writing a scientific paper or final project. Usually lecturers or faculty from campus often have their own rules for using spaces for their students.

Generally, these rules usually use a space with a size of 2 cm. So, before writing a paper, you need to know and research the size of the space that you will use according to your needs and writing goals.

Use of numbering and bullets

Numbering and bullets can help you make important points that you will explain in your paper. By using numbering and bullets, you can explain your intentions and convey important points so that the lecturer knows the essence of your explanation.

However, you cannot use it haphazardly when writing a paper. That is, you are better off using numbering instead of bullets. The use of numbering seems to create a neat and formal impression compared to bullets.

In the numbering format, the form of points that will be conveyed is in the form of numbers and letters. Compared to the bullet format, where the points are more in the form of certain symbols, which will actually make the paper you make seem untidy.

Pay attention to the use of bold

Bold serves to thicken or blacken the writing or sentences that you write. The use of bold in writing a paper is rarely used in the middle of a sentence or content.

Bold is more often used at the beginning of a sentence. The beginning of the sentence here means before you write or discuss the explanation of the sentence you are going to convey.

Bold is more often used in sentences in the writing of titles and subtitles. So, the title you write on the cover of the page that will be the cover of your paper, you must use bold in writing it.

In addition to the title, the subtitle must also use bold, so as to indicate the boundaries of the discussion that you discuss in your paper.

Systematics of Writing Papers

Below is an example of writing a good and correct paper so that it can be a reference for you.





This section usually tells the background of a scientific work why you want to write it.


The purpose is to describe what the purpose and intent of writing the paper is.

1.3. Problem

Some of the problems that will be discussed in the paper, will usually be discussed in more depth and in more detail.



The literature review usually contains important points that become the topic of the problem. This section will later be useful for reviewing problems that are related to the topic of the problem.



The discussion contains data that has been obtained from the results of research or questionnaires, or it could be from written data taken from the relevant agencies.




The conclusion here is a summary of everything that has been discussed in the paper, the contents of the conclusion must be clear along with the positive points that can be drawn by the reader. So that readers can easily find useful conclusions.

Of course, this section is no less important because the reader can conclude whether our paper is interesting or not, and also the reader can benefit from the paper that we make.


Of course, every writing does not escape the name of the shortcomings, therefore in the suggestions section, the author is expected to ask the reader to provide suggestions and input or if it can also complete the paper made, so that the paper can be perfect and good.



This section usually contains sources of data retrieval from the paper made, of course the author must include wherever they take references to make the paper.

If taken in a book, of course, it must be clear, such as the title of the book, the author, publisher and what page they quoted. Or if taking on the internet, they must also include the URL / Web address they use.


The appendix contains about the data resulting from the manufacture of papers such as tables, graphs, images and so on.

You can also insert photos of group activities (if in group form), and all things in the form of attachments that you can include in the paper.

By knowing the format in the systematics of writing the paper, then you are ready to make a good, neat, and correct paper. Make no mistake, usually writing a good and correct paper will get additional value from your lecturer when correcting the paper you make.