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Standby Scout Promise (Complete) along with its meaning and contents

Standby Scout Promise

The Promise of the Standby Scouts is also known as Dwi Satya. Satya means promise and Dwi means two.

For the Siaga Scout group, Scout members still use only 2 appointments, while for the above groups; Enforcement Scouts, Raising Scouts and Adult Scouts have used a promise called Tri Satya (3 Promises).

The following is the content of the Scout Standby promise that you must memorize if you are a member of the Siaga Scouts group.

The Voice of the Scouts on Standby Promise: Dwi Satya

For my honor, I promise and mean it:

  1. Carry out my obligations to God, the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia, and follow family manners.
  2. Do good every day.

Short, clear, but has a deep meaning.

By obeying and keeping the promise of the Standby Scouts, we can become human beings who are always close to God, have good morals, are pious and pious children, citizens who love their homeland, become children who are devoted to their parents, obey the rules and regulations that apply in Indonesia. family and be a good person every day.

Dwi Satya is included in the Scout honor code, he is in the same package as Darma Pramuka. For the types of Enforcement, Raising and Adult Scouts, there are 10 Dasa Dharma that you must memorize and apply in daily life, but because the Scout group that we speak of today is Siaga, then there are only 2 Dharmas that you must apply in everyday life. :

Dwi Darma Scout Standby

  1. Standby to be devoted to Mom and Dad
  2. Alert, brave and not easily discouraged

From the explanation regarding the promise of the Standby Scouts as well as the Dwi Darma Scouts above, you can already get answers to the questions above. However, it feels incomplete if you have not discussed what is meant by the Standby Scouts.

What is Standby Scouts? And Important Information That Accompanies It

Siaga Scouts are one of the smallest Scout groups because this term is mentioned for Scout members who are 7-10 years old. It is called Siaga because it relates to the allegory of the colonial era. When the Indonesian people alerted themselves to achieve independence with the establishment of Boedi Utama. It was from this period that the milestone in the struggle of the Indonesian nation in achieving its independence began.

General Skills Requirements (SKU) of Standby Scouts

One of the Scout Alert General Skills (SKU) requirements that must be met is to get a General Proficiency Mark (TKU) which in the world of Scouting is divided into 3 levels.

Tier 1: Initial Standby

Tier 2: Auxiliary Standby

Tier 3: Tata Standby

This sign can later be installed on the left sleeve under the barung mark. The shape of this TKU is similar to a curved leaf. The sign was taken from the customs of the heroes of the past to signify a person’s rank.

Other Important Information Related to Siaga Scouts

This is the basic information that the Standby Scouts should know.

  • The call for the Men’s Standby Scouts is called as Yanda, if the coaches are daughters, they are called Mother
  • The name for the male assistant is referred to as Pakcik, while the female assistant is called Bucik
  • During the ceremony, the form of the ranks of the Siaga Scouts group is circular, with the position of the builder in the middle of the circle. The form of this line contains the philosophy of the Siaga Scouts which only focuses on one point
  • One of the Siaga Scout activities is the Siaga Party, a one-day camping party without staying overnight. Considering that he is still too young to be away from home and the warmth of parental attention

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In addition to knowing the promise of the Standby Scouts, you also get knowledge related to this Scout group.

May be useful.