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Often Use But Don't Know What It Means? This is the Meaning of Emoticons on Android


Emoticons are something that is always present in every chat, from SMS, WhatsApp, WeChat to social media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Emoticons are often used in the middle or end of a text to express someone’s feelings.


Not infrequently emoticons are also added to avoid a stiff impression when chatting. However, many emoticons are not used because they do not understand their meaning. For this reason, in the following article, a related review will be discussed the meaning of emoticons so you can use it at the right time.

What are Emoticons?

Before discussing in more detail the meaning of each emoticon, it would be nice if we better understand what an emoticon is, considering that many people misinterpret emoticons as emojis or vice versa.

Actually, emoji and emoticons are two different things even though they are symbols to show someone’s feelings or emotions.

Emoticons are a collection of symbols arranged to create theemotional character” each person. This emoticon can be used on any device, from cellphones, smartphones to computer devices.

This typed emoji symbol can later turn into a character image with a neutral color (black and white). Usually something like this happens if the symbols are not spaced. However, not everything can change

While the emoji is an image of a character that reflects someone’s feelings as we see a lot on chat accounts.

This emoji has a more diverse number of characters with a wide selection of images ranging from face character images, hand gestures to animal images.

List of Emojis and Their Meaning

SymbolCharacter ResultsMeaning
: ) or : – )JHappy, happy
: ( or : – (LSad
= )=)Smile
:’ (:'(Cry sad
:’ ):'(Happy crying
: P:pSticking out tongue, usually used to mock but just joking
: DLaughing until you show your teeth, laughing
: OShock, gasp, gasp
: *:*Kiss, give a kiss
; )Wink one eye (wink)
B)B)Using glasses
BIBIUsing sunglasses
:/: /Hesitating, not sure
3 : )3:)Satan, evil
O: )O:)Fairy, angel
> : O>:ODisappointed
< 3<3Liver
^ _^^_^blush
-_--_-Squint, squint, secret smile
/ – o/-oBored
: – 9:-9Nice. Delicious
: – @:[email protected]Shout
: ~ ):~)Drink
% – \%-\Starving
( : – &(:-&Angry

Well, that was the list of emoticons and their meanings that can be inserted in your message text to make chatting more interesting. Do you know what that means now? So, don’t get me wrong, friends