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InstaLeak, Is It Really Possible to Hack Instagram Accounts or Hoax?


It’s amazing that there is one site that is said to be able to hack ig accounts, namely InstaLeak. This site is predicted to be able to find out the passwords of its victims. But here we will prove it directly, is this really true or just a hoax?

As we all know that Instagram is a social media that is currently on the rise, starting from ordinary users, olshops, youtubers to artists, it seems as if they are obliged to have an IG account. Because apart from being social media, this platform is also a means for celebgrams to earn income by endorse.

With the size of social media, it seems impossible to penetrate its security, especially since the CEO behind Instagram is a person who is famous for creating Facebook. Of course, in their team there are security experts who continue to maintain the security of their user accounts for 24 hours without stopping.

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Therefore I wonder if there really is a tool or website that can hack someone’s Instagram account? Even if there are, surely behind the developer tools are great people who really understand the ins and outs of IG.

What we will discuss now is InstaLeak which mentions a lot that the site can penetrate IG security holes, and has even been reviewed by major media such as tribune, brilio, drfone and others.


You need to know that InstaLeak also has an account stalking feature like InstaLooker which we reviewed a few days ago as well. For those who are curious about how the workflow or how to use it, let’s just look at the tutorial below.

How to Use InstaLeak Site

  1. The first thing is to make sure you open a web browser on your PC or laptop
  2. Once open, please visit the site that is addressed at
  3. Enter the initial screen, please select START HACK
  4. After that, enter the IG username you want to hack, for example BAMBANG
  5. After you enter the username, please press Find
  6. Wait until the installer looks for the username you entered
  7. There will be three menus, namely hack account, browse account and search again. Please choose the first option
  8. A progress display will appear where it seems as if this tool is looking for data from an account that we want to hack, wait for it to finish
  9. When finished we can download the login details of the account that we entered earlier

But the problem is at the end where I myself can’t download the login file that has been given. Several options appear such as survey site ads where we have to fill out several surveys in order to go through and find the actual link. But unfortunately again I can’t, my browser closes itself when I click on the link.


So we can conclude here that InstaLeak is a hoax site that is said to be able to hack Instagram accounts, in fact it cannot. Even if you want to try several times the results will still be the same and you can’t.

Just imagine if the site can be used? It will be very dangerous because it can be misused by irresponsible people and the accounts of artists who have a lot of followers will definitely be their main target.

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Hacking is not that simple, you have to understand very well about the platform you are going to hack both from the structure and the intricacies of the data in it.