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Instagram Story Size (InstaStory) CM and Pixel Snapgram

Instagram Story Size

Instagram is a social media platform for socialization in cyberspace that focuses more on the image content in it. Not infrequently, Instagram is used as land money new for online businesses.

Optimization with various available features will make the goods or services offered more attractive and have higher selling opportunities.

Referring to the advantages and support of Instagram, you can process and tamper with all the features in it to make it easier for other people to access the information in it.

Not only applies to online businesses, you can have a beautiful Instagram feed when you understand the hacking strategy in managing it, snapgram is the best strategy for branding and advertising products.

Instagram Story Pixel Size (InstaStory)

Instagram Story Size
Instagram Story Size

The pixel size defined for Instagram is 1080 x 1920 pixels. This means that if you want to create content based on the size of your Instagram story, you have to set the width and height accordingly. If the content is larger, there is a risk that the content will be truncated.

If you want to adjust the size of the image on instaStory, you can try editing the photo or image before uploading it.

How to make Instagram story layouts according to the size by using a support application issued by Instagram called Layout from Instagram.

How to Create Instagram Story Layouts on PC

To create an Instagram story layout on a PC manually, we can use an application called Photoshop.

I assume here you already have a Photoshop application, please open the application and select File > New.

How to Create Instagram Story Layouts on PC

Here a new tab will appear, please set the layout size with Width = 1080 (width) and Height = 1920 (tall). Make sure you select the layout size unit to pixels and the resolution is 72 pixels/inch.

How to Create Instagram Story Layouts on PC

When you have finished setting the size, now press OK and then you will be shown with the layout that we set earlier.

How to Create Instagram Story Layouts on PC

Now please enter the template or image you want to use as an Instagram story. Don’t forget to adjust the width and height by pulling them to fit the layout behind them.

How to Create Instagram Story Layouts on PC

If it’s time now we just have to save it, for that please choose File > Save for Web so that saved files are maximized when uploaded to Instagram and the web.

How to Create Instagram Story Layouts on PC

So this can be a solution for those of you who upload insta stories but are always cut off, so first of all, please adjust the size so that it fits and doesn’t get cut off again.

Even for those of you who don’t have a PC / Laptop, you can use a smartphone to make instastory layouts both on Android and iPhone, you can see how you can see below.

Simple Ways to Create InstaStory Layouts on Android

Simple Ways to Create InstaStory Layouts on Android

Let’s get acquainted with Layout from Instagram. This application from Instagram allows users to create cool layouts by combining several photos into one unified view.

Not only can you combine photos, you can also edit the look with the filters in it.

You will be facilitated to tap, drag, zoom in and zoom out when using it. This will certainly make it easy for you to create a great Instagram story. By maximizing the size of Instagram stories, you can organize themes and make them look more attractive.

Another feature that is no less interesting is the menu Photo Booth. This one menu allows Instagram users to instantly take a picture of a moment, then it can be juxtaposed with other photos to support content.

What other advantages can be displayed from the Layout from Instagram application?

  • You can combine multiple photos together as a layout
  • Speeds up finding multiple people in photos, because you can tag them via the face tab
  • Can share photos of the finished layout to various other popular social networks
  • You can add filters to make it look more beautiful

Learning the features in Layout from Instagram will slowly make you more skilled at using them.

Maybe there will be trial error at first, but it will be a lesson so you can keep updating your instaStory flawlessly, even without getting cut off because you have used the right standard Instagram story size.

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Bonus: 5 Cool Templates Supporting Apps on Instagram

To make Instagram social media one of the social networking applications that support sales and have neat content, several template support applications are needed in it.

What applications can beautify the feed and instaStory? Check out the following review.

1. Canva


Canva is an easy-to-use photo editing app. You can download it for free through the play store on your android phone. The menu choices served in it are very diverse.

Therefore, this application is very suitable to be used as a supporter in making unique and interesting Instagram stories.

This application features various editing features with non-monotonous options. Not only useful for Instagram, this application can also be maximized in making logos, images, and various other design needs.

Canva provides millions of supporting images with various vectors and illustrations, you can even have fun tinkering with uploading your own photos for editing.

Regardless of the size of Instagram stories, Canva can customize image and photo editing to your liking. Therefore, it will be easier for you to adapt it to your needs.

Want to add a filter? Canva has the app. Want to experiment with different fonts? Canva can provide that.

Download Canva

2. Story Maker

Story Maker

Story Maker is an application that is similar to instaStory. The features are complete enough to provide impressive template options.

Interestingly, there is a Brush feature that can show off portrait images in different light. It also includes a custom filter built into the app. These filters can enhance the charm of images and photos that are made even better.

You can download the Story Maker application for free. However, this application displays a lot of ads in it. If you can still tolerate, then this one application can be said to be one of the best photo editing applications for Instagram beginners.

Download Story Maker

3. Unfold Story Creator

Unfold Story Creator

Confused about the size of Instagram stories to modify? Calm! The Unfold Story Creator application can help you.

No need to worry about size, this application will bring the stories in Instagram stories to life. In general, this application is used to beautify the final result of instaStory.

You can start creating instaStory from grouping photos in one special folder. After that leave it to the experts. With one click, you can get beautiful and well-organized photos.

The weakness of this application is that it does not have a photo filter feature, so you still need another application when you want to edit images separately.

Download Unfold Story Creator

4. Hype Type

Hype Type

One of the advantages of the Hype Type application is that it presents a variety of moving text fonts and typography. How to add it in a photo is also quite easy. You only need to choose one of the content to be updated.

After that, you can immediately choose the best letter according to your wishes as well as some of the most suitable color combinations. You will find a cool and unusual look in the instaStory content that you want to upload.

This application is only available for iPhone devices.

Download Hype Type

5. Inshot


The most anticipated advantage of the Inshot application is the ease of creating video content. You can provide music features, backgrounds, text and even stickers to further beautify the appearance of the content.

If the video you want to upload is too large, you can adjust the size of the Instagram video story by compressing and further editing. The Inshot application has the capability to do just that.

Not only that, Inshot is also able to convert videos such as slide shows without changing the design order that has been recorded in it. You can also directly show off your work by sharing it to various other social media sites that are synced with Instagram. Interesting right?

Download Inshot

The development of digital technology and the ease of accessing all existing applications and features make Instagram users to be grateful. Not only one or two applications can make it look more attractive, but there are more than 3 supporting applications. Super faucet isn’t it?

From features that can adjust the size of Instagram stories, to the creation of beautiful content videos, various templates can be used as a foothold to display a concept for sales or each user’s daily activity feed.

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Therefore, it is not surprising that now there are so many celebgrams who can make a profit just by maximizing their personal Instagram stories for the creation of advertising content and the like.