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IndiHome Complaints: Internet Interference Complaints

IndiHome Complaint

Not infrequently users complain about the internet network they use at the slow red provider, the solution you can use is IndiHome complaints as a place for customer complaint services.

IndiHome is a digital service that provides home internet, telephone, TV which dominates in Indonesia. In fact, this provider has a very wide network that spreads to all corners of the country.

There are several packages that customers can choose based on speeds ranging from 5 Mbps to 300 Mbps. Of course, each package has a price and service offered.

With a wide network cover and involving many users and even millions in number, of course there are also disturbances such as slow networks, RTOs, connection problems and various other things like that.

Causes of Problems

There are many factors that cause these problems such as broken network cables, server problems, and various other things.

If this continues for a long time, you should immediately contact the indihome complaint center to request repairs as soon as possible.

Given that in the current pandemic, everything has to be completely online, which requires people to work from home, students study from home, all of which require an internet connection.

IndiHome Complaints Place During Internet Network Disturbance

When experiencing IndiHome internet problems, there are several ways you can do to complain about the problem. Here are some things you can do.

1. myIndiHome


myIndiHome is the official application launched by PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Tbk. as a means of checking the availability of services at your location, registering IndiHome, adding services and upgrading speed, making payments, getting the latest promo info and making complaints.

IndiHome complaints can be made through a direct application with a chat feature called Indita. For those who don’t know, Indita is a bot that will serve every customer’s complaints through the myIndiHome application.

Since this is a bot, make sure that you enter the correct commands that the bot can understand.

This application is available for Android and iOS devices which can be downloaded for free. After downloading, please login using your Indihome account.

2. IndiHome Official Email

On the indihome web page, there is also an email address that will help you convey problems as well as provide solutions to the problems you are experiencing.

You can convey all problems related to Indihome in the email by explaining them in detail. To contact him, please visit the IndiHome page to find out his email address.

3. Call 147

147 is the customer service number from telkom that can be contacted by indihome customers from anywhere. However, you must dial the number according to the telephone area code in your location.

For example, you call 021147 for Indihome services specifically for the Jakarta area. Or 0274147 for those of you who are in the Jogja area and its surroundings.

This service responds faster because we don’t have to wait in advance like when sending an email. So we will talk directly to IndiHome CS in real time.

However, this service is not free, call rates apply according to the operator used.

4. Social Media

IndiHome itself also has several social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. But for a fast response you can send a DM to Twitter or Instagram.

Explain the problem that is being experienced, and the customer service will provide the best solution for you.

5. Visit Plaza Telkom

telkom plaza

If the problems experienced are not resolved by the various methods above and are allowed to drag on, please just go directly to the office or the nearest Telkom office in your city.

Make a report such as a problem that is being experienced, for example, the internet connection is dead or can’t use the cable tv service, please explain directly at the office.

For a fast response, you can contact the indihome call center from your cellphone for satisfactory results in order to get a definite answer on what to do and when it will be fixed.

But as we have heard a lot, surely the first solution given is to be told to restart the modem. Even if you want to restart many times, if the problem is from the IndiHome connection itself, it’s still slow :D.