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How to Upgrade a 3 to 4G Card Without Changing the Anti-Fail Number

4G Package ON

The old card is not optimal for internet? Here’s how to upgrade a 3 (tri) card to 4G without fear of failure – Talking about the network, actually 3G is a standard network that has met the needs of the community.

But for some people, the network is not optimal for internet use, so they prefer to use 4G LTE. However, because the 4G network is relatively new, on the old card the user can only set up the 3G network.

4G Package ON

So, what about those who have old cards? Should it be replaced? For that matter, you don’t need to worry because the old card can be upgraded to a 4G LTE network.

Curious? Here’s how to upgrade a 3 card to a 4G network so that the internet is getting better.

How to Upgrade Card 3 to 4G Network

How to upgrade an old 3 card (3G) to 4G is very easy and can be done quickly as long as you know the ICCID number.

What is an ICCID number? So, this ICCID number is a kind of ID number on the USIM that will be used to transfer the old 3 card so that it can use the 4G network.

iccid tri number

As for how to upgrade a 3 to 4G card, namely:

  1. The first step that must be done is to buy a card 4G Package ON. This card is a card
  2. SIM with operator 3 that still doesn’t have a number. This act can be purchased at the Tri kiosk or mini market. The card has an ICCID number which consists of 20 digits.
  3. This code is usually located below the barcode.
  4. After that, send an SMS using your old 3 card to 123 with SIM format (space) ICCID Number, for example SIM 12345678901234567890.
  5. Next, a reply SMS will appear containing the question whether the new 4G SIM card is in your hands or not, then reply by typing OK. However, before replying OK, make sure to take notes activation code conveyed through the reply message.
  6. Then, wait until the process is successful which is marked by the disappearance of the signal on the old 3 card.
  7. The next step is to activate the card 4G Package ON by inserting the card into the cellphone and turning it on.

After the cellphone is active, a notification message will appear containing related notifications old card deactivation and message for activation. In the activation message, enter activation code previously recorded in the CODE (space) format of the activation code.

After getting the activation success message, your old 3 card number will automatically be used again on a new card with a network that has been upgraded to 4G.

So, that was the complete guide for upgrading the old 3 card so that you can use the 4G network. Very easy and fast right? Remember, before doing upgrade, make sure your Android supports 4G network. Hopefully useful and good luck.