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How to Remove Premium in the VIU Application

How to Remove Premium in VIU

Are you a fan of Korean dramas? Of course, you are already familiar with the VIU application. So, on this occasion, we will discuss how to remove premium on VIU so that we can try other VIU promo codes to get another free trial period.

The VIU application is already known as a mandatory install application for fans of Asian dramas. Because this application provides series and films that are very complete so that we can search for any dramas that we want to watch.

If you only watch it, you can do it for free in the VIU application, but if you want to access more deeply and enter premium services, which include a full range of dramas and movies, you are required to subscribe first.

That’s what’s called a premium package, you can enjoy this package from the price of 15 thousand with a monthly duration of up to 1 year of 240 thousand.

What is Premium on VIU?

You can enjoy VIU’s premium features with several advantages such as free videos, being able to download movies or videos, lots of premium videos to watch, and without ad breaks while playing like the basic package.

The interesting thing is that VIU itself provides a free trial period for its users so that they know more about premium features and can experience firsthand what are the advantages and conveniences compared to the free version.

This trial period usually depends on the promo code that we enter, but for new users we will usually be given access for 30 days to enjoy all premium features ranging from free movie downloads (watch offline), no ads, premium videos.

But after the free trial period what should we do?

When we are comfortable with premium features but still don’t want to pay, the solution is to create a new account and delete the old account so we can log in with the new account.

How to Remove Premium in VIU

How to Remove Premium in VIU

Many hunt for free viu vouchers to enjoy a trial period for the time specified by the coupon, and users who have the code can use it multiple times provided the account is used in basic plan mode.

For how to remove premium on viu you can do the following steps:

  1. Open the viu app then go to menu My account.
  2. Scroll down until a menu appears Go outthen click the menu and confirm by selecting Yes, I want to go out.
  3. Not finished, the next step please go to Arrangement > Apps then search for VIU and clear data.
  4. Then all your account data will be deleted.
  5. Done.

Notes: All your account data (login) will be deleted completely, that way we can register using a new account and can apply the promo code from viu again.

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However, this method will gradually be abolished, so we recommend that you subscribe to it using credit or credit card payments.

If you are already addicted to the premium package, we recommend that you just buy the annual package because if you compare it to the monthly package, the annual package is more economical.

Another alternative if you don’t want to use the method above, you can download the premium Viu application that has been modified so you can enjoy the pro features, but this is only for Android, right.

So, that’s how to get rid of premium on viu so you can register with a new account again, now you understand how, so get the best out of it.