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How to Private Indosat Ooredoo and IM3 Numbers

How to Private Indosat Number

Do you want your number to be hidden when calling people? Let’s find out how to private Indosat numbers or also known as hiding the caller’s number (secret).

Some time ago we also shared the private number xl method which has been proven to work. However, each provider certainly has a different code to activate it.

People who activate private numbers are usually people who don’t want their identities to be seen, for example in the past I often did this to people I like.

But for some people, they often use it for negative things such as playing pranks on friends, pranking friends and even worse, terrorizing people, especially this one is not worth copying because it can be reported to the authorities.

Of course the tutorial on this blog is not to teach you to do negative things and violate the law, it’s just for our knowledge.

How to Private Indosat Number

For the private method, you can do this by adding the code #31# at the beginning of the destination number. Example: #31#082301031555, that way your cellphone number will be hidden and shown as a secret or private number to the recipient.

This method is indeed similar to the private number xl, by adding the code at the beginning of the cellphone number, it will give a signal to the center that our number must be kept secret from the recipient of the call.

Above is how to use the ussd code, and if it doesn’t work, there are still other alternatives using the application that you can see below.

Alternative private Indosat number

Alternatively, you can use the features available on Android smartphones, precisely in the phone settings menu. There is a feature where we can disable sending identity to the number we are aiming for. Want to know where the menu is? Check out the steps below:

  1. Open phone settings
  2. Search phone app
  3. After that enter Caller ID
  4. Please select hide number
  5. If so, now please try

But before you do the method above, first understand whether the operator used will support this feature?

And again, this method only applies to fellow operators, not to other operators.

How to find out the private number?

We already know how to hide the identity of a number when making a call, now is the time for us to also learn how to find out someone else’s private number.

  1. Open the dial pad
  2. Dial *#30#
  3. Function of the code to activate the Active Service feature for incoming calls
  4. If you have activated this feature, you will get a notification “Incoming phone number, service has been activated”

With the above method, anyone who calls our number, even privately, will still display the original number. Cool isn’t it? Surely not many of you know.

For users of any operator, it is very important to activate this feature because it can prevent acts of terror from people who are not known and just want to scare us.

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Tips for those who often get terror from unknown people, please activate this feature and if it still persists, report it to the authorities so that the phone number used can be traced.