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How to leave and delete a WA group even if you are not an admin

How to leave and delete a WA group even if you are not an admin

The average WhatsApp user must have understood how to create a group on WA, but do you know how to delete or leave a group even though we are not admins?

One of the features I like the most is the WA Group, because in it we can meet and communicate with friends in one channel with others who are already members of the group.

Basically WA groups are created to gather people who share the same hobby, alumni or organizations where the discussion is the same. But there are also some members who off topic joke in the group.

But what irritates us the most is when we are added to obscure groups such as online shops, hoax news and groups created by irresponsible people such as to deceive others by pretending to be cellphone sellers.

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Then how to get out and delete the WA group permanently even though we are not admins? We will explain below.

How to Delete WhatsApp Groups and Log Out

First, I will explain that if we are not admins, we cannot permanently delete the group, because the admin still has the right to delete the group.

First we are not a whatsapp application, then we enter the group

Click on the group name section as below

Select button Leave the group the Red one

After that you will be asked to confirm whether you really want to leave the group? Then select GO OUT

Then you can delete the wa group from the chat view on your WhatsApp by selecting Delete group

At this stage you will be asked if you want to delete the group and media files such as photos, voice messages and videos that have been shared in the group? Please check the option then click DELETE

That way the group will no longer appear on your WA display and the files that have been uploaded in it will be permanently deleted.

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Is there another alternative to leave a WA group?

Another way to get out of the WA group is to contact the admin and ask him to kick your contacts from the group, that way you will be automatically removed.

Who can delete a WA group?

I have already mentioned that members cannot delete wa groups, only admins can delete wa groups. Even if the admin is not the creator of the main group (appointed as an admin by the group creator), the admin can still permanently delete the group.

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How to remove all members of a WA group?

If you want to permanently delete a wa group cleanly, it’s a good idea to first delete all members by kicking one member of the group.

But the condition is that you are already an admin, so ask a friend who is an admin to appoint you as an admin in the group. Then kick all the members and delete the group permanently.


If we want to delete the wa group from our chat view, the first thing we have to do is leave the group first like the steps we have given above.

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Hopefully how to delete a wa group in this article can help you, and if you want to ask something, you can comment on this blog.