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How to Download Files Without Login

Course Hero Downloader

In the midst of a pandemic like today, it is indeed necessary for students to carry out the learning and teaching process from home. This is done to prevent the spread of the virus so it doesn’t get worse.

The online learning system is indeed very effective as it is today, especially now that there are many supporting devices and applications that can be used, such as Android smartphones and the Zoom application.

Of course this can facilitate the learning process from home while the teacher sees his students directly through the laptop or smartphone that is used.

Likewise with the assignments given, it is not uncommon for students to be asked to find answers to questions that have been given by the teacher.

Well, most of the questions may be difficult to obtain because they have been uploaded to online storage sites. One of them is Course Hero.

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What is Course Hero?

Course Hero is a free online storage site service that contains a wide variety of subject matter from around the world. We can register for free and upload files to the site for free.

With an easy website display, of course it can make it easier for users, especially students, to be able to understand the menus in it. In addition, the registration process is also easy, can be done using email, google account, facebook and Apple account.

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Indeed, there are two packages, namely the free and premium packages. But there is no big difference between the two, it’s just that in the premium package the number of Unlock points is indeed more than the free version.

If you don’t understand, Unlock points mean points where we can view or download document files. The more points Unlock, the more files we can download for free.

But don’t worry, because it can be tricked using Course Hero Downloader Extension chrome, it can even be used without logging in though.

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How to Download Files on Course Hero for Free Without Login

1. First download the file HERE

2. Extract the zip file

3. Go to Google Chrome browser

4. Select Menu > More Tools > Extensions

course hero downloader

5. Activate Developer mode which is at the top right

course hero downloader extension

6. Select Load unpacked

how to download free hero course without login

7. Find the folder that was extracted earlier, and select the folder Min inside it

chdl course hero file downloader

8. If correct, then the extension will appear as below

course hero unlock

9. Now find the file you want to download, then right click on the mouse and select CHDL > Download this file.

chdl download

10. Wait until the download process is complete.

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This method uses a Chrome extension that we can’t find on the Chrome Web Store, and we can only download it from the github site. Make sure you follow the tutorial above correctly so that the tools are installed correctly and can be used.

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The extension above can only be used on a PC / Laptop. As for Android smartphone users, you don’t need to worry, because you can still install the Course Hero Downloader extension on Android.

The trick is to use a browser application called Kiwi Browser or you can also use the Yandex Browser.

The steps are the same as above, but because the display on the cellphone is smaller, it is possible that there will be a different menu layout, but the point is still the same.

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Alternative if the above method doesn’t work

This is an alternative method if the method above doesn’t work, considering that many people complain that they have pressed the download file but nothing happens.

1. First, please copy the URL of the file to be downloaded

2. Go to the page

3. Paste the link into the box provided

Course Hero Downloader

4. Press the button GET LINK

5. Follow the next step

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That’s how to install course hero downloader as well as how to download files on course hero for free without logging in. Hopefully add insight to all of us, especially for students in need, good luck.