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How to Check the Hajj Portion Through an Android Phone

How to Check the Hajj Portion Through an Android Phone

Checking the hajj portion or hajj departure schedule can now be done via the Android application. You just need to enter the code for the Hajj portion number, then the application will automatically search for your data, complete with the name and schedule for the estimated year of departure.

In this sophisticated era, it’s not a smartphone if it can’t help users in simplifying some jobs. One of them is to check the portion of Hajj through an Android application called Check Hajj Portion.

Check for Hajj Portions is an application created to make it easier for prospective pilgrims to access information on Hajj departure and year of departure whose data is taken directly from the Ministry of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia. Here’s how to use the app to check the Hajj portion.

How to Check the Hajj Portion and Year of Departure Through an Android Phone

First, please download the application Check Hajj Portion on Play Store

Install then open the application, enter your portion number which contains 10 digits, then press SUBMIT

Wait a few moments until the data search process is complete

When finished, it will be displayed as below

The portion number, name, estimated year of departure, city, province, provincial quota, portion position in the provincial quota appears.

Immediately look at the picture I circled, there is an estimate of what year you will go for Hajj.

In using the application, please be more patient if at some time you cannot display the requested data. Sometimes caused by connection problems because this data is taken from public data provided by Ministry of Religion RI.

If you are a congregation Hajj plusthen we recommend asking for Hajj travel assistance plus where you register.

Please pray too, I hope the admin this year can register for Hajj and we can go together to worship in the holy land safely and return home safely.

And now we know how to check the portion of Hajj through an Android phone, right? It’s very easy isn’t it, you just need to download the Hajj portion check application on the play store for free.