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How to Change Shopee and Toko Usernames via the HP Application

how to change shopee username

For sellers, the Shopee username is very important, just as important as we brand a product, or choose a domain name. From this Shopee username, we can be remembered by buyers and found again. If you feel that your Shopee username is not quite right, here is how to change your Shopee username along with an example of a Shopee username that you might use as a reference so that customers can easily remember it.

But before that, first know the rules for changing Shopee usernames.

Rules for Changing Shopee Username

You can change it to anything you want, but keep these rules in mind:

  • Store name must contain a minimum of 5 characters and a maximum of 30 characters
  • Changing the Shopee username can only be done once in 30 days. So before changing it, really think about the right username. If one day you want to change your username again but 30 days have not passed, you can contact Customer Service
  • The Shopee username cannot be used immediately, Customer Service will review your username no later than 2 x 24 hours
  • The use of racist and sensitive shop names, should be avoided

You don’t need to change your Shopee username by creating a new account. Because you can replace it yourself by following the steps below.

How to Change Shopee Username

Changing the Shopee username can be done in the application. For sellers who sell via PC, it can also be done there by opening their respective browsers. The following are the steps to change the Shopee username.

How to Change Shopee Username
  1. Open the Shopee app and login using your account
  2. Go to page ‘I‘ in the corner of the screen
  3. Click section ‘Start Selling‘, then proceed by selecting the ‘Settings (Gear icon)’ button
  4. Click the ‘Store Profile’ option, then select the ‘Name’ section. That section is where you can change the seller’s username or your ID
  5. Change your username as desired. Must consist of a minimum of 5 characters and a maximum of 30 characters
  6. Click save when finished

When doing how to change the Shopee username, it should be done when you are just starting to sell on Shopee. Because if it doesn’t fit, you can change it back without worrying about your users will remember you again or not.

If you are confused about the right Shopee username example, we will give you some tips and examples of Shopee username.

Tips for Choosing a Username and Example of a Shopee Username

The Shopee username will later become part of the Shopee website URL. Examples are as follows;

Your username has the name ‘AwesomeShop’, later on the Shopee URL, it will look like this,

So try to come up with a username that describes what you’re selling. As for tips for creating other Shopee usernames.

  • The username you are using has not been used by another seller. Although it will be automatically rejected later, but actually you can make the username still accepted by adding a combination of numbers or symbols. But try not to use the same words as other Shopee users
  • Do not use a username that is someone else’s trademark that is already registered as their official business
  • Do not include your username with a web address for example: com, id, uk, gov and others. It is not allowed to use the username

The following are some examples of Shopee usernames:

  • thriftshop
  • cheap children’s clothes
  • jerseysport
  • all-round10000
  • korean_style
  • custom hoodie
  • lovely_things
  • baby shop
  • shoeses_69
  • package.quota
  • happy_sunny
  • electronic99
  • happy shopping
  • noonebuying
  • buynow_
  • flannel100k
  • fashionmuslim
  • maleoutfit_
  • cheap
  • Department store
  • lookingforwhat

And much more. The important thing is easy to remember and easy to spell.

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That’s how to change the Shopee username and an example of a Shopee username. May be useful.