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Hello 2048 Real or Fake Money Making App?

Hello 2048

There are many applications that make practical money with easy work, one of which is Hello 2048 which appeared after the news that JD Union and Alimama had closed.

There is another new money-making application called Hello 2048. During a pandemic like now, many people are looking for ways to make money practically and can be done from home.

It is easiest for users to choose what can be done using a smartphone or because it is considered more practical and can be done anywhere when leaving the house, for example.

Indeed, there are many applications to make money on the internet, but don’t be fooled by bogus investments like before. No need to get involved, get to know more and see reviews on websites and YouTube if you want to know more before joining.

What is Hello 2048?

Hello 2048 is a web-based application that moves on a social media platform where users will be given commissions when completing a given mission.

The tasks given are generally like liking videos and following social media accounts. The existing social media are Youtube, Tiktok, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LINE.

For each completed mission, we will be given a reward of 750 rupiah. Where this reward will enter our account balance and can be withdrawn if it reaches the minimum withdrawal of Rp. 550,000.

How to Register Hello 2048

Here’s how to register for Hello 2048:

How to Register Hello 2048
  1. Visit the link
  2. Fill in the cellphone number and password
  3. Click Register
  4. Done

When I enter my cellphone number carelessly, I can still log in (because from the start I suspected that there would be no verification system, and that’s true).

We should be suspicious from here, why don’t applications related to money management implement a cellphone number verification system? From a security standpoint, it’s suspicious.

VIP Package

VIP Package

There is a VIP package so you can get more missions every day, here are the details:

  • VIP II 150.000
  • VIP II 450.000
  • VIP III 900,000
  • VIP IV 1,800,000
  • VIP V 3,600,000

This is where the game is, when we register, we get 3 free missions every day? If we work on the mission to completion, from 3 missions we can already get 3 × 750 = Rp. 2,250.

And if we remain free members, for 30 days we can produce 2250×30 = Rp. 67,500. That’s still far from the minimum balance withdrawal benchmark.

It takes at least 10 months if you want to withdraw the balance that we generate by surviving as a free member.

That’s why they provide VIP packages to choose from, so the goal is for members to store money with them. Again, this is a ponzi scheme, and those who say it is not a ponzi fix scheme are the promoters or supporters.


Whois is a system where we can check the data of a domain / site and see the registration date along with the domain registrar (where to buy the domain) used.

After we checked, it turned out that the domain was registered on August 5, 2022. That means that at the time this article was published, the domain had only been running for 48 days.


From the screenshot that we attached above, it can also be seen that the domain is registered with Dynadot. For large companies, it is rare for them to be registered with this registrar, usually at Godaddy.

With the age that is still the age of corn, we are certainly obliged to suspect it.

Is Hello 2048 Scam?

Until now there is no real evidence that hello 2048. However, we do not recommend you to try it. From some of the oddities above, of course you can decide for yourself whether it’s real or fake?

Wait for the news to close before believing it is a scam?

Let’s look in the mirror at this kind of money game system, which has been around like Alimama, JD Union and the like which has the potential to be fraudulent as well as the news that Goins was closed.

We always say we don’t recommend fake apps or websites where it’s not clear where they come from, moreover, it’s only a money-making application and doesn’t have an official office in Indonesia.

Like yesterday’s case, Alimama, people join because they say Alimama is a subsidiary of the Alibaba Group. And it is indeed a subsidiary of the Alibaba Group.

But the fake Alimama is NOT A SUBSIDIARIES OF ALIBABA GROUP. Because the original ones don’t give us money, but we have to pay money to them because they provide services such as online business consulting such as advertising tips and online marketing.


Although hello 2048 has not been proven to be a fraud and will close, but are you willing to be a victim?

Come on, aren’t you fed up with the ponzi schemes that have been discussed so much?

Do not choose a business that is not clear, moreover it offers an investment business with a lot of profits and in a fast time, again don’t!

Okay, hopefully with this Hello 2048 review you can decide for yourself to join or not. But if you ask for advice from us, you should not.