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GoIns Apk, Apps Like IG Get Money or Scam?

GoIns Apk

Viral applications like ig get money called GoIns Apk, genuine or fake. Is it fraud? Of course we will discuss all things about the application here.

Surprisingly, lately there are so many money-making applications that are said to be able to provide commissions of up to hundreds of thousands in just a few days.

I personally suspect that where do they get the money from to give to members, is it company money or is it money from other members that is distributed to lucky members?

If the system is like that, the name is not a business but a ponzi scheme that I discussed in the article about Alimama and also Global Mall which has gone viral for the past few days and many have discussed it.

And the latest this time we will discuss an application called GoIns Apk, where this application will give rewards to members who perform tasks in it, is that true?

We are interested in discussing this from the comments of someone named dwi fadhila ratnasari.

So we are interested in reviewing it more deeply, let’s just take a look at this review from Bungdus.

What is GoIns Apk?

As we mentioned above, GoIns is an application that operates on a social media platform where they will give money or commissions when the user successfully performs the task at hand.

Although it is called an application that operates in the realm of social media, most of the missions in it are related to Instagram, such as liking and following people’s accounts.

Apps Like IG Earn Money

GoIns has two different business models, the first model is that users can get rewarded just by liking content promoted in GoIns. As for the second, GoIns will help IG users to get followers and likes aggressively for those who want to become a celebgram or do business branding.

While most people know that the first business model is to get money only from likes on ig. This task is even limited to free members, if you want to get a lot of missions you have to upgrade first, and it’s paid!

Download GoIns Apk

If we only hear what “people say” about an application, then it is less interesting. Therefore I decided to try it directly, as well as you please if anyone wants to try it, the download link we have prepared below:

The download link that we provide is not from the Play Store, but comes from the official GoIns website. So from here we should have started to suspect, why is it said that the official application works with IG but why isn’t it on the Play Store?

As for Goins on the Play Store right now, it’s not the Goins app that we’re discussing. But a food application (if in Indonesia it is a kind of Gojek and Grabfood) where the application only serves food orders.

While searching, I found a lot of Indonesian comments there. They don’t know that it’s not a money-making app, but a food ordering app.

How to Use the GoIns App

How to Use the GoIns App

After downloading the GoIns Apk application via the link above, we immediately tried to explore the application. But before that please register, how to register Goins can follow the steps below:

  1. Open the GoIns app.
  2. Click “Register now”.
  3. Then fill in the form provided.
  4. Invitation code can be filled with 273974
  5. Finally, click List.

In the cellphone number, I tried to fill it with random because I was suspicious from the start. And sure enough, there is no verification system that is usually sent in the form of SMS. After registering with the original cellphone number, I was immediately able to log in.

Weird isn’t it? But it’s not enough here that the strangeness of this application, just keep reading.

After successfully logging in, please go to the mission section under the menu in the middle. There are a series of missions that have the same task on average, that is, only like and follow with a reward of Rp. 2800, I had clicked to try it but couldn’t.

Mission Goins Apk

There are options to become a member

Because I was annoyed that I couldn’t click on the menu on the mission tab, so I just tried going to the Members menu, and here I found an extraordinary thing.

There are options to become a member

There is an option to become Goins member where there are several levels or packages such as:

  • Staff, 5 missions per day at a price of Rp. 308888
  • Supervisor, 10 missions per day at a price of Rp. 588888
  • Manager, 30 missions per day at a price of Rp. 1988888
  • Director, 50 missions per day at a price of Rp. 42888888

All of these packages are valid for 365 days (1 year), so we only need to pay once and enjoy the features for one year.

Let’s count!

Let’s just try to calculate it, let’s give an example, for example, take the lowest package, namely Staff at a price of Rp. 308888 and receive 5 missions per day, each mission is given a reward of Rp. 2800.

In a day we can produce 2800 x 5 = 14000. For one month (30 days) it means 14000 x 30 = 420000. Next we try to calculate one month’s income minus the registration fee, which is 420000 – 308888 = 111.112.

If we calculate the above, of course in one month we have returned the capital and profit is around Rp. 111,000. That’s only on the Staff plan, so what if we try an even higher plan? Of course the results will be different.

At first glance, it’s profitable, isn’t it? The job is only to like and follow IG, but get paid hundreds of thousands per day.

HOWEVER, that is if the application lasts at least one month. So, the question here is,

What if after we transfer the money to become a member after one week or 2 weeks the application can no longer be used? And even their official website disappeared?

Considering that the application is not officially on the play store, not to mention the performance of the application which is still “very bad” when used, if you don’t believe it, just try it yourself, it will be really slow.

Domain Used

According to our findings, there are two domains used namely and All of them are still fairly new and recorded as being 38 days old when this article was written.

Domain goins

Even though if we read in the “Question” menu there is information on when GoIns was founded and they also joined IG in early 2022.

Questions about goins

The question is which IG, IG stands for Instagram or IG stands for Want to be Crazy? We don’t know what IG they mean.

And there are actually a lot of funny things on the menu, if you’re curious, just read on there. There is also a text in Chinese, so I became suspicious again.

Unreasonable Bonus

GoIns Apk says it will pay 1 like for Rp. 2800, even though the market price for services like ig only is around 40 thousand and even then for 1000 likes. If divided by 1000: 40000 = 0.025 rupiah. So the question is, what kind of money is Goins going to pay people? Members’ money?

Are Goins Safe?

If we talk about application security, until the time this article was written I didn’t find anything unusual about licensing the Goins application on my cellphone.

Are Goins Safe

When you first install it, you are not asked for any kind of permissions. So you can say it’s safe when viewed from the function of the application itself, but not by how to play.

An even safer tip, don’t use an active cellphone number during registration. You can use an odd number too, just prove it for yourself.

Is GoIns a Scam?

If you want to call it a fraud, we can still access goins today. But I would suggest if you guys want to try it, it’s better not to. Especially when you register as a member in it, what are you afraid of if suddenly this application doesn’t work and one day it disappears with your balance in it?

Just imagine this first, since this is a very viral application and it’s being talked about everywhere, just count it if for example there are around 100 people who register as members with the cheapest package, which is 380 thousand. 100 x 380000 = 38,000,000, this is a lot of money.

Still believe in applications that are not in the play store, a strange, unofficial system in Indonesia (there is no indo website), unreasonable rewards and a series of oddities that we have explained above? It’s too much if you are still forced to join.

Good news for Goins, which has the potential to be fraudulent, read more at: Goins Close and Can’t Be Opened?


From our review above, of course you can conclude for yourself. We do not recommend GoIns, moreover this application is not clear where it came from and in Indonesia itself there is no strong enough information about the application. When we searched with the keyword GoIns, what appeared was a review of this application and several tutorials on how to register it.

In fact, if the company is big and has “intentions” of course they will build what is called branding first. So hopefully the GoIns Apk review this time can help those who are still confused.

But still the decision is up to you, because it is your right to believe it or not.

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If it’s useful, please share this article so that others are also careful in choosing applications and don’t just register. Btw, has anyone joined GoIns? Please comment and share experiences here.