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Gharqad Tree, Characteristics and Understanding According to Islam

Gharqad tree

The world has a variety of living things which of course have their own uniqueness. In fact, there are several species of living things that few people know about. One of them is the gharqad tree. The name of this tree does sound foreign. Therefore, let’s peel about the gharqad tree.

Gharqad Tree / Jewish Tree

Gharqad tree

The gharqad tree is a tree better known as the Jewish tree. This tree is one of the trees associated with the story of the end of time. Gharqad itself has another name Nitraria Retusawhich is a type of thorny plant.

This one tree is very easy to grow, even when planted in arid and barren soil. Usually, gharqad has an average height of 1 – 25 meters with white stems and branches.

From the sundries of the first gharqad tree, we can know about this gharqad tree. This tree is closely related to the end of time which is certainly authentic according to the hadith.

The gharqad tree is a tree that will not speak at the end of time. In an authentic hadith it is said that when there is a final war between Islam and Judaism, all creation will tell where the Jews are hiding.

All living things, both animals and plants will speak, except the gharqad tree. Therefore, this tree is often called the Jewish tree.

Characteristics of the Gharqad Tree

Characteristics of the Gharqad Tree

The sundries of the gharqad tree will then discuss the characteristics of the tree. In addition to having white trees and branches, this tree is also thorny and has a hard texture. In fact, gharqad is a poisonous tree that has tree roots emitting thorns and feathers.

The leaves themselves are shaped like small spoons, fresh green in color and usually 3 bunches of leaves equipped with thorns on the side. This tree also has flowers that have a bluish-white color.

Meanwhile, the red fruit of the gharqad tree is about the size of a hims seed. The gharqad tree will continue to leave leaves throughout the season, and will look fresh in all seasons.

The shape of the flower is the next gharqad tree sundries. Where, the flower shape of this tree looks like a trumpet whose dominant color is red, violet, or white.

Flowers on the Gharqad Tree

Usually, the flower will be followed by 5 leaves around it. For the fruit itself has a smaller size than himsh fruit. Usually, the fruit of the gharqad tree is orange or red.

The fruit of the gharqad tree is edible. Only, it tastes sour like tomatoes. This fruit is often sought by camels, if the camel is sick. Even some animals often eat the bauh of this gharqad tree. In addition, usually gharqad trees have a long life.

Currently, the Jews are intensively planting gharqad trees. This is because they believe in the gharqad tree which will not speak at the end of the apocalypse. Today, we can find many gharqad trees planted in the Middle East. One of the countries that is intensively planting this tree is Qatar.

Medical Benefits

The sundries of phon gharqad will then discuss the benefits of this fruit for medical science. Usually, part of this tree can be used to treat constipation. In addition, the fruit of the gharqad tree can be used to treat diseases of the large intestine (anal) and to treat jaundice.

Gharqad Tree Planting

By believing in a valid hadith about the gharqad tree, the Jews are increasingly aggressive in planting this tree. In Israel itself, the planting of gharqad trees continues to grow by focusing on planting in 5 main locations. The locations include: Mount Hermon with a total of 991 species of gharqad trees planted.

Gharqad Tree Planting

The second location is in the vicinity of the desert with an increasing number of course. In this desert region, they plant 105 species of gharqad trees. At the third location, which is located in a grassy thicket, the number of gharqad tree species planted continues to increase, which is about 1062 species.

The discussion about the location of the gharqad tree planting is all about the gharqad tree that we must know. At the fourth location, they planted 1434 species of gharqad trees.

The location is in the scrub forest and semi-grassland. The last location is in scrub forest and mediterranean forest with an increasing number of trees, which are 2209 species. This tree planting will continue to grow.

The large number of gharqad trees planted, of course, only trees that are recorded. Meanwhile, the Israeli government itself asks its citizens to plant this tree in every vacant land. Usually, vacant land that is often used as a place to plant gharqad trees is a garden, yard, and roadside.



After knowing about the meaning, characteristics, benefits and planting of the gharqad tree which is getting more and more intense, there is nothing wrong with discussing the nation associated with this tree. Yes, this gharqad tree sundries will discuss the Jewish nation.

The Jews were an expelled nation that began to take various actions, one of which was taking land in the Palestinian territories. This happened around 1948 until the war between the Arabs and Israel in 1967. The people who used to always take refuge under the banner of Islam, have now turned to pounce on Palestine.

Currently, the Palestinian territories are gradually being displaced. Other countries also seem to turn a blind eye to this humanitarian issue. It is said to be a humanitarian problem, because there are so many victims that fall every day. Not only adults, but the victims who fell also came from children.

Surprising Facts About the Gharqad . Tree

Surprising Facts About the Gharqad . Tree

The last gharqad tree sundries cover about the facts of this tree. Where, the Jews who claimed not to believe in the end-time prophecy conveyed by the Prophet Muhammad SAW, actually planted gharqad trees in Israel. Where, they argue that the planting of these trees is for reforestation and reforestation.

Interestingly, a body that regulates land management in Israel, the Jewish National Fund (JNF) has planted up to 250 million trees under its agriculture department. In fact, they plan that by 2030 the gharqad tree will fill the country.

Surprisingly again, they also advertise it in a site, which of course is shown to the outside public. On the site, it is recommended that people buy gharqad trees online and plant them in Palestine.

This tree is valued at US$ 18. In fact, buyers will be given a bonus of one gharqad tree if they buy three trees at once.

Those are various kinds of gharqad tree sundries that are currently being intensively planted in Israel. Every year, the number of gharqad trees is increasing. This tree that has a height of up to 5 meters has a long life.