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Free Internet, Here's How To Get Free Wifi Anywhere

Wifi Anywhere

Free Internet, Here’s How To Get Free Wifi Anywhere It is undeniable that wifi is a necessity for all people. Because with wifi we can surf the virtual world faster. Especially if the wifi is free and the speed is qualified, you can feel at home for long in one place.

Well, for those of you who like to surf, here’s how to get free wifi anywhere.

How to Get Free Wifi Anywhere

1. Register Loyalty Program

The loyalty program is one of the reward programs offered by several major providers, one of which is Telkomsel. By registering for the program, you can enjoy free wifi services from Telkomsel via WiFi.ID.

Through the WiFi.ID program, the developer has installed hotspots for free in several places and can be used for surfing.

This WiFI.ID offers a super fast internet network so it is widely used for doing assignments or downloading movies. The easiest place to find this hotspot is around Telkomsel outlets.

2. Installing the WiFi Master Key App

Another way that can be used to get free wifi anywhere is by installing the WiFi Master Key application. This application helps users to find out what wifi networks in the vicinity along with their passwords.

To connect to a wifi network, you only need a fellow user of this application who has previously connected. In fact, you can also share this network so that it can be used by other people who have the WiFi Master Key application on their cellphones.

3. Installing the WiFi Pro App – Automatic Wi-Fi

Another application that can be used to enjoy free wifi is WeFi Pro – Automatic Wi-Fi. When activated, this application will present a complete map of the wifi locations around the phone.

Not only that, users can also directly connect to one of the desired networks. Interestingly, you will also be guided through a map to get to the hotspot.

4. Installing the WiFi Finder App

In addition to the two applications above, you can also use the WiFi Finder application. Just like the previous application, later users can find out the list wifi hotspot location surrounding.

Interestingly, with this application you can filter to find out only free wifi. Data recording in this application does not take place temporarily, but by downloading it so that it can still be used even though it is offline.

5. Hang out at the Café

Another easy way to get free wifi is to hang out at one of the free wifi cafe. Here, you can browse to your heart’s content while snacking or having a light chat with friends.

This method is the most effective option considering that almost some cafes are equipped with free wifi. In fact, not a few ordinary coffee shops also have free wifi.

No wonder many people still hang out in coffee shops until late at night just to surf or just play online games.

6. Take Trans Jakarta

Did you know that trans Jakarta already provided with free wifi service? Yup, this free service can be used by all levels of society when riding Trans Jakarta.

With this program, of course, users will be more comfortable and not bored when they linger on the bus. In fact, the length of the trip will not be felt because of the focus on the internet.

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So, those were some easy ways to get free wifi anywhere. Don’t forget to always maintain a full battery condition so you can surf optimally. Good luck.