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First Experience of Shopping at JD.ID At first I was hesitant

Online shopping is indeed very fun, because we can choose the items we want to buy according to what we want and also we can immediately see the prices set by the seller. So we can compare with other marketplaces so we can conclude which one is the cheapest.

Eitss… not only that, you also have to check how much the shipping cost first?

For some people, there may still be those who are hesitant to shop online for fear of:

  • Got tricked
  • The item sent does not match
  • Items damaged during shipping
  • And others

This is very reasonable. Before online shopping, I also felt the same way, I was worried, especially when the item was sent but it hasn’t arrived yet, it feels like the item has been lost.

And this time I will share my first experience of shopping at JD.ID which at first I really doubted because seeing some of my friends’ reviews they said they were not convincing.

For those who don’t know, JD.ID is a subsidiary of one of the largest online stores in Asia ( where in this marketplace we can choose goods at competitive prices from various categories.

In contrast to Tokopedia, Shopee and Bukalapak, JD.ID handles all the goods in its stores, including shipping them using their own expedition called jx-express.

Shopping Experience at JD ID, Buy LG 24MK600 Gaming Monitor

A few weeks ago I tried to assemble a PC myself and all the parts have been collected, only the monitor has not been purchased.

Then I tried to look for a gaming monitor with a budget of 2 million, finally I found it 24mk600 This feature is sufficient for standard gaming needs.

I tried to ask the price at a computer shop in my city, it turned out to be more than 2 million. Then I idly checked at the online store and finally found it at JD.ID

Incidentally at that time there was a promo on from the initial price of more than 2 million to only Rp. 1,699,000 (let’s round it off to 1.7 million) it’s okay, can it save up to 300 thousand more?

I just brushed it right away, especially at JD.ID, the goods are guaranteed to arrive safely at home and the most important thing is FREE SHIPPING!

And indeed the goods arrived home (although I took the goods myself to the jx-express Sumenep office because I was in a hurry to get tested hehe)

I immediately unboxed at home, the results were satisfactory indeed, there are no defects in the goods and completeness of goods according to the description which is listed on the goods stall at

It’s just that the delivery of the package took a while to arrive, I happened to be the easternmost Madura, namely in Sumenep, but I am satisfied because the goods arrived safely.

I just tested it and it works fine.


Are you still hesitant to shop at JD.ID?