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Causes and How to Solve Problem WhatsApp Calls

Causes and How to Solve Problem WhatsApp Calls WhatsApp is indeed the most populist chat application. Apart from being light in size, this application does not require a strong signal. Therefore, even in areas where the signal is less stable, it can still be used.

How to Solve Problem WhatsApp Calls

Well, in addition to chatting, WhatsApp really helps users to connect with each other through calls, both voice and video calls.

However, in some conditions, problematic calls often occur. Well, for those of you who often experience it, here’s how to deal with problematic WhatsApp calls.

What are the Causes of Problematic WhatsApp Calls?

Problem calls on WhatsApp are actually caused by various factors. For this reason, before you try to solve it, you should first determine the cause of the problem so that you can take the right treatment. The causes of problematic WhatsApp calls are:

No signal

When making calls using WhatsApp, signal is the main factor affecting its stability. So, when the signal condition is bad then the call will also not be stable.

Both you and the party being called, if one of them has no signal, then you can’t connect. In addition, when the signal condition is bad, there will be buffering (connecting) in the middle of the conversation.


Blocked contacts are not only unable to chat, but also unable to make WhatsApp calls. When a contact is blocked, the call status will only call and not connect to the opponent’s WhatsApp. In fact, notifications on the opponent’s WhatsApp also don’t appear.

WhatsApp is Lagging

Just like in other applications, WhatsApp can also experience lag (delay). This will make all the messages come in a few hours later.

Well, this delay problem also applies to whatsap calls, so often you are not connected to the other party. In fact, a missed call notification also came a few minutes later.

How to Solve Problematic WhatsApp Calls?

How to Solve Problem WhatsApp Calls Through Permission Settings

How to Solve Problem WhatsApp Calls Through Permission Settings
  • The first step is to open the Settings menu on Android.
  • Next, select Application Management, scroll until you find WhatsApp. Then, select it and click WhatsApp.
  • After that, select Permissions (Manage Notifications) and enable all notifications on WhatsApp according to your wishes, from notifications on the lock screen, top bar of the screen, sounds to priority notifications.

How to solve problematic WhatsApp calls through clear cache and data

Clear Cache and Data WhatsApp
  • Open the Settings menu on Android.
  • After that, select it and click on Applications.
  • The next step is to select and click WhatsApp then all information related to the application will appear.
  • Then click Clear Data and Clear Cache to delete all junk data and other data that causes delays on WhatsApp.

The thing to remember when doing this method is to first backup important data such as contacts, photos and files in it because after clearing the cache and clearing data all the data in it will be permanently deleted.

How to Solve Problem WhatsApp Calls Through Update or Uninstall

WA updates

In some cases, problematic calls are caused by not updating WhatsApp on the device. Therefore, messages or incoming calls are often delayed.

Well, to overcome this condition you can update to the latest version of WhatsApp. In addition, you can also delete it and then install it again.

In fact, users also need to pay attention to device specifications, it could be that the call is problematic because your OS does not support that version of WhatsApp.

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In addition to the several ways to deal with problematic WhatsApp calls above, also make sure that the condition of the internet network is stable. May be useful.