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Administrative Duties and Responsibilities You Need to Know

Administrative Duties and Responsibilities

Administrative Duties and Responsibilities (Warehouse, Stores, Finance, Social Media and Others), Before knowing what are the duties and responsibilities of Administration, you must know what is the meaning of Administration itself.

Administration comes from Latin, from the words ‘Ad’, ‘Ministrare’ and ‘intensive’. If translated into Indonesian, it means to fulfill and serve.

Meanwhile, in a broad sense, administration is planning, organizing, directing, coordinating, reporting, budgeting and staffing.

The duties of an administrator are many, and their duties are not always the same because Administration is divided into several types. But in general, the following are some of the common duties of an administrative staff.

General Administration Duties and Responsibilities

An administrative staff only needs to carry out office service activities, provide facilities, office administration services in accordance with the provisions in force in the office. The general administration tasks are as follows:


  • Archive data and documents so that they can be well organized
  • Recap or data entry of consumers who have worked with or were loyal to the company
  • Have the authority to make agendas or office activities such as making appointments with other companies
  • Receiving phone calls, so an Administration staff must have good communication skills
  • Prepare tickets and accommodation for work activities
  • Ensure supplies of office stationery


  • Manage the smoothness and accuracy of sales data and billing data

Apart from general administrative duties and responsibilities as described above, this profession is still further divided into several sectors.

This is what makes administrative staff have different tasks.

Administrative Duties by Type of Sector occupied

Warehouse Administration Staff Duties

  • Recap all data ordering goods
  • In charge of ordering goods
  • Studying sales trends
  • Checking the amount of stock in the warehouse
  • Claiming incoming and outgoing payments

Store Administration Staff Duties

  • Entering sales data made by the sales
  • Make regular sales reports as desired by the shop owner
  • Receive and answer incoming calls to the store
  • Make regular reports about what inventory is in the store

Social Media Administration Staff Duties

  • Communicating with potential buyers, either via chat or calls
  • Evaluating the trend of followers
  • Create and design content (images, videos and text) to be uploaded to social media
  • Manage and maintain the confidentiality of passwords

Production Administration Staff Duties

  • Collect production data and then process it
  • Carry out conformity control in the production process with written data
  • Arrange operator work shifts
  • Ensure production operator overtime hours are in accordance with what is written

Financial Administration Staff Duties

  • Handling various securities, such as checks
  • Prepare daily, weekly, monthly and yearly financial information
  • Make financial planning. Administrative staff manage from receipt, disbursement, payment and borrowing
  • Open a savings account then determine the deposit then handle the mandatory payments

Bank Administration Staff Duties

  • Perform various administrative activities, such as: data recap, data input and documentation
  • Carry out activities that serve the office, provide services, and office administration services
  • Contribute to audit activities
  • Manage documents and data systems that exist in the Bank

Marketing Administration Staff Duties

  • Take note of the shipping address and the name of the expedition in that country
  • Write down all the names of the goods to be sent
  • And record the information of the goods, including: weight, number of goods, and the total mandatory capital to be paid
  • Submit a sales note then archive the proof of signature that the customer has received

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Those are the various tasks and responsibilities of Administration from various sectors, from general ones in offices, social media, warehouses, production, banking to marketing.