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8 Ways to Overcome Hotspot Tethering Not Working

How to Overcome Hotspot Tethering Not Working

Surely you have experienced not being able to use the tethering wifi hotspot from the cellphone that we use.

When we want to connect, we can’t, or even if we connect but we can’t make the internet, of course this is experienced by many Android users.

What’s worse is that the portable hotspot can’t be activated, if you press it it only changes briefly and then turns off again and this is often experienced in all brands of cellphones, both Oppo, Vivo, Samsung, Xiaomi, Sony Xperia, Lenovo, Asus and even Realme.

If you remember in the heyday of old Nokia cellphones, the progress of today’s smartphones has really come a long way.

The Android operating system provides many conveniences for its users, ranging from ease of communication, daily use, exchanging data to face-to-face in the form of video.

One feature that is no less frequently used is a portable hotspot or wifi tethering.

Generally, users use this when they want to connect to the internet using a PC.

Sometimes a message appears that the cellphone hotspot can’t connect to the laptop, so we here have several solutions that you can apply to this problem.

But before that, we must know what are the causes that usually cause problems when wifi tethering cannot be used, such as:

  • Data package quota runs out
  • Slow internet
  • Provider has a problem
  • Data restriction

The most common cause that makes Hotspot not working is due to errors. If you leave it alone and wait for the error to go away on its own, it will take a long time.

Meanwhile, how to fix hotspot tethering not working is very simple and easy, so fix it immediately instead of waiting for the error to go away on its own.

How to Overcome Hotspot Tethering Not Working

1. Reboot Phone

Before trying other methods, you can first reboot the phone by pressing the power button for a few seconds until the reboot/restart option appears.

That way the cellphone will turn itself off and turn on automatically, in this process the cellphone system will be restarted but with a note that it will not delete the data on the cellphone.

So you don’t have to worry, because we are not resetting the cellphone.

2. Turn Your Hotspot Off and On

Turn Your Hotspot Off and On

To get rid of the error, you can also first disconnect from other devices by turning off the hotspot. After that wait a while and turn it on again.

Usually people who experience problems with hotspots not working just cut off the WiFi connection on the device that is ‘hitting’ the hotspot.

That way doesn’t really work, it’s best to disconnect and turn on the hotspot.

3. There are other devices that are also connected

Hotspot is weak. If accessed by one person, the signal is still very strong, but if there are 2 or more people accessing it, it can make the divided network speed end up slow, especially if someone is downloading and streaming.

Now there are many applications that help someone find out someone else’s Wifi or Hotspot password.

To be more secure and not easy to break into, manage your Hotspot by activating the ‘Only Allowed Devices to Connect’ feature.

Another way can also be to use a wifi network breaker application, this application is available for Android and PC users.

As long as you are still connected to the same network, you can disconnect anyone freely.

4. Check the Internet Connection that Activates the Hotspot

If the connection is 4G, you can breathe easy because the problem is not the network.

But if the network is H+, then that’s the problem why the hotspot doesn’t work well on the connected device.

The H+ network is very unlikely to share such a network, it must be at least 4G.

We recommend that you turn off the hotspot then wait until the connection becomes normal again.

But if 4G doesn’t appear, you can use the 4G Switcher application.

Because this application will force to change the network mode to 4G only, so as long as the network is possible to use, then this application will display it for you.

5. Ensure that the Hotspot and Connected Devices are not far apart

The next way to solve hotspot tethering not working is to make sure that the distance between the giver and the recipient is not far apart.

What you are using is a hotspot network from your cellphone, not Wifi with a Router, so the signal transmitter capability is very low.

Try to stay in the same room, if the hotspot is blocked by a wall, you can reduce speed, and don’t go too far to create a distance of 5 meters. If you are far apart, then the hotspot signal is automatically cut off.

Indeed, the maximum limit for a cellphone hotspot is usually 10 meters, but the closer it is, the better the network capture and connection speed you will get.

6. Make sure your VPN is off

Make Sure Your VPN Is Off

One of the reasons why the hotspot cannot connect to our device is that your VPN is still alive, especially the VPN of the hotspot provider.

When the VPN is active, it can still activate its hotspot but the connection will not be able to connect even though they are close. Just turn off the VPN and everything can go back to normal.

The use of a VPN is indeed very helpful when we want to surf the internet without being tracked by anyone.

However, this only applies to premium VPNs, indeed there are many free VPNs that can be used, but they do not guarantee the security and speed of the internet that we will get, because they are used by many users which certainly causes the connection to be slow.

7. Turn Airplane Mode Off and On

Airplane mode can fix errors or minor bugs on the network. This method works for both Android and iPhone.

You do this by activating airplane mode and then waiting 10 seconds, then turning off airplane mode.

When airplane mode is enabled, it will disconnect or turn off the hotspot. After airplane mode turns off, don’t forget to re-enable the hotspot.

This method is also often used when we experience lag playing mobile legends.

Also try to turn airplane mode on and off on the connected device.

Keeping airplane mode on while connected to WiFi is also fine. In fact it can save more battery

8. If it still doesn’t work, try another connection

Sharing the internet network does not always have to use a hotspot. Because we can also use Bluetooth or USB.

Here’s how:

  • Enter menu Arrangement
  • Search settings’Networks and Wireless‘ then click ‘Tethering
  • Scroll down and click ‘More‘ to show more options
  • Choose ‘Bluetooth Tethering‘ and activate by sliding toggle to the right

Bluetooth Tethering is already active. So that no other devices are connected, set the settings by selecting ‘Visible to All Nearby Bluetooth Devices’. Then select how long the tethering should be active.

So, even though how to fix hotspot tethering not working has not been resolved, you can still replace the hotspot connection with bluetooth.

But keep in mind, the internet connection speed with bluetooth is slower than wifi.