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7 Ways to Solve Camera Not Connecting or Not Responding

Currently we live in modern times where a smartphone has an important function to support the needs of everyday life. After all, your gadget is an electronic item that can encounter problems either due to user error or manufacturer error if used continuously.

How to Solve Camera Not Connected

The camera device is one of the components that can be affected by damage, for example a warning appears “not connected camera” when you use the camera. If you experience something like that, it means that something is wrong with the camera device on your gadget. For photo fans, of course, this problem is very troubling, isn’t it?

Then what can you do? Don’t worry, you don’t need to panic first. Because on this occasion we will discuss several ways that you can do to solve the problem of a camera that is not connected. Here are some ways you can try:

1. Stop All Apps Running in Background

Stop All Apps Running in Background

At the same time you are using the camera, you most likely opened another application before. The instant habit of exiting the application is directly pressing home button. So the many applications that you use have not been closed and affect your gadget’s camera. Then close the application that you were previously using.

2. Clear Camera Cache

Clear Camera Cache

Using the camera too often will increase the cache (junk) in your camera application. If the cache is buried a lot it will very likely affect the performance of your gadget’s camera.

Try to clear the cache using an application that is widely available in the playstore. There are also some that can be cleaned directly in settings > storage > click the cache file and it will be deleted automatically.

3. Force Stop the camera

Stop Force camera

If clearing the cache doesn’t help with the camera not connecting issue, then force stop your camera app. You can do this by going to Settings > Application Management > Applications running > selecting Camera and then you will enter where there is a Force stop option. Do it then exit and try to re-open your camera.

4. Power Off or Restart Device (Reboot)

Including the Mainstay way is restarting the device. Maybe because your gadget is “tired” and overheating, you must do this method. By taking a break, you will give your gadget time to be primed to be used again.

5. Return to Factory Settings

You can use this method to restore the gadget as new again. But you have to be prepared to lose your data, photos, music and other files. then it is better for you to back up or move the contents of your cellphone first. You can do this through settings > factory reset.

6. Flashing Firmware

Maybe your gadget’s operating system has too many bugs that make your firmware hampered in running every application. Then the Flashing Firmware method will return your camera to normal again. Flashing you can do via a laptop or to the service.

7. Change Camera Hardware

If your attempt to flash the firmware does not work, then this is what you should do. Replace your gadget’s camera hardware, the answer to the damage is that the hardware of the camera itself is damaged. You can replace it at the service center or come to the service center of your cellphone manufacturer.

Well, maybe that’s 7 ways to solve a camera not connected that you can try. If indeed all the methods above do not work, then most likely your smartphone software has a problem. For that, you can do service to the HP service counter.