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7 Ways to Enable Cellular Data Not Appearing

How to Enable Cellular Data Not Appearing

Have you ever been in a position, where when cellular data is activated, no 4G/H+/E signal appears, suddenly nothing appears even though cellular data is active. In addition, the card we use is not in the ‘No Service’ or ‘Emergency Calls Only’ state.

This problem has often happened to users of Xiaomi, Oppo, Samsung, Vivo and others. Because this is already commonplace, all of those phones above have definitely experienced it, so you don’t need to be afraid of whether the cellphone is damaged and other negative things.

The reason is not only because of certain providers, everyone also has this problem, such as Indosat, Telkomsel, Tri, XL, Axis and all providers in Indonesia.

Cause Cellular Data Not Appearing

Here are some reasons why mobile data isn’t showing on Android:

  • Phone rarely restarts
  • Full storage
  • Poor signal condition
  • The mobile operator has a problem

If you feel the same way, we have some easy ways to enable mobile data not showing up on Android phone.

How to Enable Cellular Data Not Appearing

There’s a possibility bugs small ones that make your SIM work improperly. But don’t worry, you don’t need to take it to a repairman. These bugs can be eliminated in the following simple ways:

1. Turn Airplane Mode On and Off

how to solve cellular data not showing indosat

Airplane mode is able to solve internet network errors in a simple way. You just turn on and off airplane mode. Wait a few minutes then turn it off and try activating your mobile data again.

This method can also be done to make your internet feel faster. Because this method will refresh the signal on our cellphones to be connected to the new IP again. Besides that, this method is also good to use when we don’t want to get disturbed from anyone.

2. Change the Network Type You Use

mobile data not showing on oppo

Go to the settings menu, then in the ‘Dual SIM and Cellular Network’ section, click the ‘SIM’ option then change the network type there.

If originally the type of network you used was 4G, try changing it to 3G only or 2G/3G auto-connect.

Because sometimes an error occurs in the operator’s signal where they may be doing maintenance on their network. That’s why in certain modes they disable it, such as 4G or 3G being turned off.

If it appears, try changing the network type back to 4G so that internet speed is not limited.

3. Restart your cellphone

How to activate cellular data that doesn’t appear next by pressing and holding the power button and then selecting the Restart option. The phone will automatically turn off and then on again.

A mobile device that is turned off for a moment will restore various errors that exist. After restarting the phone, turn on mobile data again. Is it active or not?

If it is not active, it means that the problem is not with your phone but on the operator.

4. Unplug and Reinstall Your SIM Card

how to activate cellular data not showing on xiaomi phone

Unplug your SIM card for a while, then plug it in again. Or you can try it by swapping SIM places if your phone has 2 SIM card slots. It’s even better if this step is done while your phone is turned off.

The point is to get rid of bugs and surprise the card so that it is active as usual. Or indeed there are several sim cards that are more suitable to be installed in slot 1 or slot 2.

5. Check Phone Signal

If the phone signal is weak, it will block the active network signal. The strength of the signal depends on the location, because Indonesia does not evenly distribute internet connection speeds for all regions, only strategic parts receive a strong signal.

To spot a weak signal, you can learn from these signs:

  • Sign of weak 2G/3G network signal: signal strength is only 0-2 bar
  • Weak 4G network signal signal: 4G signal up and down arrows, off

If you are in a remote location, you can use a cell phone antenna or choose a carrier that has wide network coverage.

6. Reset Your APN (Access Point Name)

An APN is a tool that a cellular network provider uses to get you connected to the internet.

If you’ve ever messed with your APN or think it’s set up incorrectly, you can fix it by returning the APN to its default settings or searching the internet for the APN format.

The phone’s default APN settings are fine, but sometimes people want to complicate things themselves. However, there are some people who think that changing the APN can increase internet speed.

7. Change APN Protocol to IPv4/Ipv6

Still in the APN settings, when you scroll down, you will find the APN Protocol settings.

Most APN settings use IPv4 Protocol, but if your phone supports some of these options: IPv4, IPv6 and IPv4/Ipv6. Then choose the APN Protocol which is IPv4/Ipv6.

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With several ways to turn on mobile data not showing as revealed above, hopefully it can help you turn on inactive mobile data again.