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7 Procedures for Registering a Grab Bike Online (Latest 2022)

7 Procedures for Registering a Grab Bike Online – Becoming a grab bike driver might be one of the livelihood options for urban residents.

Procedure for Registering a Grab Bike Online

This Grab service is quite popular, so many people want to register as partners. If anyone is still having trouble registering, here’s how to register a grab bike online easily and quickly.

Registering for grabs online is considered easier than having to come directly to the grab office. Also because it is more practical, we just need to input our data and then just wait for the announcement to be received or not directly via email or telephone.

1. Understand the Requirements Set by Grab

There are several requirements that must be met by prospective grab bike drivers. Before starting to register, it’s a good idea to first understand a number of these requirements. Here are some requirements from Grab.

  • The age of prospective drivers must not be more than 55 years, calculated when registering.
  • Prospective drivers must be in good physical and mental health. Especially for registrants over 50 years old, they must attach a health letter from a doctor.
  • Registrants must be able to read and write and understand the operating location later.
  • The motorbike to be used must be in a decent condition and not modified to the extreme. Non-trekking motorbikes are also not allowed.
  • Have a smartphone with a minimum of 1 GB RAM, not CDMA and a 5-inch screen.
  • Have a Google account address and still active.

2. Prepare Related Documents

Although online, Grab has instructed to upload a number of documents to support personal data. Later this document must first be scanned or photographed so as to facilitate the upload process on the old website. The following are the documents that must be prepared for later upload.

  • Original and valid ID card.
  • Domicile certificate for those who have ID cards outside the city.
  • SIM in this case SIM class C which of course is still valid.
  • SKCK (Police Record Certificate), make sure the validity period is still active.
  • Original and valid motorcycle STNK.
  • Original valid Family Card.

3. Visit the Grab Official Website

After understanding the requirements and preparing the required documents, the next step in registering for a grab bike online is visiting the website address.

Immediately open the Grab website address, which is at After the page is opened, a command will appear which basically says “join Grab” then click.

4. Fill out the Identity Form

When you enter the “Joining Grab” page, you will find fields that must be filled in by the registrant. Make sure to fill in all the fields according to the actual reality. The data to be filled in is about name, telephone number, domicile and other questions. The reference code can be filled with 0.

If everything has been filled in, then click on the statement in the column “I agree to the terms and conditions that apply”. Don’t forget to also click the “I’m Not a Robot” column then click “Register Now”, if you are really sure.

5. Wait for the OTP Confirmation Code from the Admin

After clicking “register now”, the registrant just needs to wait for the OTP confirmation code which will be sent via mobile number.

Therefore, try to provide a phone number that is always active when filling in the data at the beginning. This will make it easier for the admin to contact and send the OTP code.

Usually the OTP code contains 4 digits. This code will later be used as a key so that you can login to upload supporting documents.

6. Filling in Personal Data and Uploading Supporting Documents

After receiving the code to login, the next step in registering for a grab bike online is to complete your personal data. In addition, the registrant must upload the documents that have been prepared earlier.

Remember, try to upload quality files to make it easier for the admin to check.

After making sure all the data is filled in and the document has been uploaded properly, then send it immediately. There is a “submit” button available and it is located at the bottom of the page view.

7. Wait for confirmation from Grab

Next, after points 1 to 6 have finished, the last step is just waiting for the next confirmation. If you are lucky, the registrant will be contacted immediately to receive a selection call.

Usually this call will be sent via email. So in order not to miss the latest information, you should always check your email regularly.

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Those are a number of steps from how to register a grab bike online. This can be done even just using a smartphone. So it’s very easy and fast to run.