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7 Free TV Watching Apps for PC / Laptop!

Watch TV App for PC

Have you ever heard that a computer monitor can be turned into a television? To do that the method is quite complicated, because you must have a television receiver machine to make the monitor receive various broadcasts on television.

But besides this method, there is an even easier way to watch television via PC, namely by using a TV watching application for PC that you can download for free without the help of any tools.

With this application too, you can pause broadcasts, get a clear face without an antenna and don’t have to fight with people at home about what broadcasts you like. The following are some TV watching applications for PC.

Recommended Watch TV Apps for PC

1. TVexe


With this software, you can enjoy more than 1500 TV shows worldwide, including Indonesia. From 2005 to 2015, this application was always included in the category of the best and most recommended TV watching application.

You don’t need an antenna, you just need to be online, you can enjoy clear TV shows from all channels in the world.

2. VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is a video player application, but it can also play television broadcasts and can even play shows from Indonesian TV channels. The trick is simply to look for the TV address or RTSP link.

You can find the link on Google. You can play all TV channels with this software. Make sure you have an internet network so you can stay connected.

3. Blue HTV

Before you can use the Blue HTV application, you must install several supporting plugins. It’s a bit complicated, but what is clear is that the Blue HTV software provides various broadcasts from all TVs in the world.

Because this is an online application, you only need an internet network capital, there is no subscription fee, it’s free. If you find it complicated, we still have many software recommendations or other TV viewing applications for PC.

4. Real Player

Real Player

Similar to VLC Media Player, this application is used to play video and audio. But besides that, Real Player can be used to play TV shows around the world.

How to operate it is no different from VLC Media Player. Search first for the channel address link on Google, then enter it into the application.

5. IPTV Player Simple TV

IPTV Player Simple TV

Whether there is a channel for Indonesia or not, you can check for yourself. What is certain is that this application uses Modern Torrent Stream technology, which allows you to view TV shows in high quality without lag.

Besides being able to be used to watch digital TV shows, IPTV Player Simple TV can be used to listen to the radio.

6. AnyTV Free

AnyTV Free

There are various entertainment programs such as cartoons, sports, news, webcams and others, you can watch many channels, whatever channel you are looking for, you can find it. But the condition is that you must have good internet quality.

The main feature of AnyTV Free is that they group broadcasts according to categories. So it can make it easier for you to search for the shows you want to watch.

7. MediaGet


This application is already used by more than 80 million users worldwide. MediaGet supports Windows operating systems as well as Mac OS.

With MediaGet, users can group the most popular torrents by category. You can delete, download and pause TV shows. Anyway MediaGet is the TV watching app of your dreams.

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All of the TV watching applications for PC above are free, can be used for any Windows. So download right away and enjoy your favorite Television shows.