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6 Best Android Offline TV Apps (Without Internet)

iDTV Mobile TV

If in the past it was still the season for Chinese cellphones that had offline TV features, usually there was an antenna on it. And you can still watch local TV channels without draining your quota, because they are watched offline.

But now that it’s the season of Android phones, it’s starting to get out of hand. Now if you want to watch TV on your cellphone, you have to stream and even then you have to watch it online, so it drains your quota a lot.

However, with so many applications developing on Android devices, you no longer need to spend a lot of money on online streaming. You can relax watching your favorite TV channels without worrying about quotas.

Best Android Offline TV Apps

1. HomeFree TV

This is the right application for those of you who want to watch your favorite TV channels when outside the home. Just by installing this application on your Android phone, you immediately feel at home watching your favorite shows without caring about your quota anymore.

HomeFree TV

Homefree has advanced features and is also very easy to use because of its simple and easy appearance user friendly.

2. PadTV HD

This application has a fairly high rating on the Google play store. Naturally, because PadTV HD has features that are quite cool.


With this application you can enjoy a variety of high-quality local TV channels on your android device.

You can also record previously watched shows to watch again. To download this android offline TV application, your Android system is at least Jelly Bean 4.1 and above.

3. iDTV Mobile TV

If you’re in a place far from the internet connection, but you don’t want to miss your favorite shows on your favorite TV channel?

iDTV Mobile TV

Now you don’t have to worry, there is iDTV Mobile TV that will answer your wishes. Like other TV Tuner applications. This application can only be downloaded on the Android OS Ice Cream Sandwich and above.

4. WiTV

If you want your Android device to turn into a Portable TV, you can download this WiTV Android Offline TV application on the Google play store. This application works by sending a WiFi signal to the Android device that you are going to use.


So you can watch high quality TV only through your Android device. However, to be able to use this application, the Indonesian state must have used FTA DVB-T and FTA ISDBT transmissions as in other developed countries, for example in Europe, America, Australia, and others.

5. DTV Viewer

This application is made by the same developer as Pad TV HD. Almost the same as the Pad TV HD application, DTV Viewer is also no less cool in its features.

DTV Viewer

You can get many interesting features when you install this Android Offline TV application. However, if you want to watch TV in high quality, you can simply connect this app to a device called a Geniatech DTV Box.

6. Air DTV

An application to watch TV offline for free with many interesting features. Like a reminder of your favorite TV show schedule.

Water DTV

Then Air DTV also produces images with 720p resolution screens that are very clear, and can reduce noise when the signal is not good.

If you want to install this app, just download it on Google play store and also don’t forget before your Android device must be connected with TV Tuner device.

Those are some Android Offline TV applications that can help you to enjoy your favorite TV shows without being connected to the Internet. Which application is your choice?