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6 Beautiful Selfie Camera Applications with the Best Results

BeautyPlus – Selfie Camera

In the past, camera resolution was often used as a major consideration in buying a cellphone. Of course, because this resolution will affect how beautiful the photos are.

However, currently RAM capacity is more of a consideration because the larger the capacity, the more applications that can be installed. Meanwhile, to replace the role of a camera that is not okay, selfie lovers can use 6 beautiful camera applications specifically for selfies with the following best results.

6 Best Beauty Selfie Camera Apps

1. Camera 360

Camera 360

Who is not familiar with the Camera 360 application. Yep, this application is one of the pioneers of beautiful camera applications. Even though it’s been a long time, until now the application that can make the face smoother when taking selfies is still the best choice.

This application can also be used for photo editing where users can beautify their photos by adding a little makeup. There are also stickers and animations that can be added to make the photos more interesting.

2. YouCam Perfect – Selfie Cam

YouCam Perfect – Selfie Cam

By using the YouCam Perfect application, it is guaranteed that the results of your selfie photos will be more shining and beautiful. This application provides a large selection of interesting filters to beautify photos, from making the skin smoother and shiny, removing dark circles around the eyes to changing the face to make it thinner.

In fact, this application also provides a photo blur feature through the background defocus menu or other blue effects.

3. PIP Camera

PIP Camera

This PIP Camera is highly recommended for users who like art or unique photos. Not only beautifying the results of selfie photos, this application also provides a variety of interesting effects that you can try.

One of the effects that most users like is taking selfies where your face will look like you are in a bubble, bottle or water drop. This application is not only for Android users, but also for iOS.

4. Camera+


Apart from PIP Camera, iOS users can also take advantage of the Camera+ application. This application is specially designed for iPhone users to be able to make interesting selfie photos.

One of the advantages of this application is that users can zoom up to 6 times, control exposure and add several effects to photos. Unfortunately, this application does not support Android.

5. BeautyPlus – Selfie Camera

BeautyPlus – Selfie Camera

In addition to Camera 360, Beauty Plus is also included in the ranks of beautiful camera applications that are popular among Android users. Through this application, selfie results will be automatically beautified without the need for additional settings.

In addition, users with acne can still exist and appear confident because in this application there are special tools to get rid of acne, namely blesmish remover. You can also use the magic brush feature to make your face look fresher.

6. Selfie Camera – Beauty Camera & Photo Editor

Selfie Camera – Beauty Camera & Photo Editor

Another application that is also recommended for selfie lovers is Selfie Camera – Beauty Camera & Photo Editor. This application also provides automatic filters to give selfies more beautiful, smoother and brighter results.

Not only that, there are also various choices of effects that can be added such as animations or moving stickers. In fact, the photos also have a small file size so they don’t need to drain device memory.

So, those were some of the recommended beautiful camera applications for Android and iOS that you must try, especially for those of you who like to take photos. Which of these haven’t been tried yet?