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5 Online Businesses That Are Suitable for High School and Middle School Students

Online Business Suitable for Students

Talking about business, there is no certain age standard to become a businessman. You’ve probably read a lot of news about a student who is successful in online business, and it’s not just one person.

The internet is a vast land, we can meet many people through social media such as fb, twitter, instagram and many more. Where there are a lot of people, that’s where we can do business. Because basically a business is a simple buying and selling system, there are automatic buyers as well as sellers.

This time Bungdus will discuss a new topic, namely a business that is suitable for high school and junior high school children. Where to share this time is based on the experience that the admin has gone through since high school.

5 Types of Online Business Suitable for High School and Middle School Students

1. Article Writer


If your hobby is writing, you can pour your hobby into money by writing articles. Currently, there are many large media websites that require new content every day, and it is not uncommon for them to pay a number of writers every month to post on their website.

So how do you find a website that accepts article writers?

The method is very easy, you just have to browse the internet with a topic that you like, then look at some of the websites that appear and contact them via email or the contact page that has been provided.

After that, in polite language, please offer to write articles on the site with topics that you like.

2. Celebgram


Don’t think Instagram is just a place to show off photos and show off vacation videos. If you have a beautiful or handsome face, or you can also have good work such as photo editing or good photography, it can invite a lot of likes and of course a lot of followers.

By having an account that has a lot of followers, you will usually get offers to promote goods which are usually called endorsements. And the fee is quite good for snacks.

3. YouTubers


Youtube is not just a medium for watching your favorite videos, but you can also create your own video creations on the world’s largest video sharing site.

You can upload various content there because there are some connoisseurs who also like it. One of them is game content, now there are many hits such as Mobile Legend games, PUBG Mobile, AOV and many more mobile games that can be played only with cellphones.

4. Sell Credit and Quota

Selling Credit and Quota

If this one business is probably already common and can be done offline and online. It is proven that selling credit is more promising and makes profits faster, especially if you also sell internet packages, sell pln pulse tokens and the like.

Tips for selling credit, please look for information on credit providers who provide the cheapest prices and don’t just rely on one credit provider.

5. Dropship


Dropshipping is selling other people’s goods without having to stock the goods at a higher price. This means that we can determine the price we want to sell to people without having to bother with packing and shipping goods.

It’s just that the dropshipper must use their own capital first to get a profit. Tips to become a successful dropshipper is to find a distributor who wants to dropship so that it will be easy to take care of things like shipping, guarantees, etc.

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In this digital era, it is no longer taboo about online business, many have been successful and have proven that we can gain rupiah coffers from the internet. As long as you have a strong will and don’t give up.