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5 First Job Interview Questions and Answers

First Job Interview Questions and Answers

It’s natural for you to be confused considering this is your first time at a job interview, right? Basically, interview questions are the same as other interview questions.

Every beginner should seek as much information as possible about this first job interview, considering that they do not have any experience in the field of work. The easiest way is to ask directly to people who already work in a company.

But in order to better understand and know how to answer, here are the first job interview questions and answers that you can learn before being officially interviewed by the company.

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List of First Time Job Interview Questions and Complete Answers

When you enter the room for an interview, the recruiter will first introduce themselves. After they get acquainted, then the recruiter throws you the following questions:

1. First Question: Please Introduce Yourself!

What is introduced here includes: name, place of residence, age, how many children from how many siblings, your parents’ occupation, your last education, major, street vendor experience, organizational experience and hobbies.

For example, please make your own answer according to your identity.

After asking the first question, the recruiter will develop the question whenever possible.

For example:

What grade is your brother in? 1 Year Not Working, filled with What Activities? And others.

2. Second Question: Try Telling Your Activity from Waking Up to Sleeping Again!

Fill positive activities with a percentage of 50-60% for personal interests, and the rest for public or social interests. For example, helping parents, participating in activities in social organizations or communities.


“I wake up at half past five in the morning and pray Fajr, then I help my mother in the kitchen, sometimes I am told to go to the market and buy some necessities. Sometime in the afternoon, I went to meet my friends. I have a nature lover’s organization in the village where I live. We discussed something related to nature and planned to go out of town to climb the mountains in Indonesia. Then at night I study, read books, write, listen to inspirational videos on YouTube and then sleep.”

3. Third Question: What Motivates You to Seek Work?

You can answer these first job interview questions and answers with reasons that lift your spirits.


I want to pay for my sister’s school, raise my parents to go to Hajj, pay for college, and much more.

As for examples of wrong answers, don’t let you lack any motivation or just answer with answers like this.

Example: I want to have a fixed salary, because I don’t want to be unemployed, so I can have a busy life.

4. Fourth Question: What Are Your Reasons For Choosing This Company Over Others?

There are 3 important things you should mention in your answer: explain that you are interested, tell the advantages of the company, and explain that your skills are able to work there.

Answer honestly but don’t overdo it so it doesn’t come across as bragging.


“I am interested in working here because your company has a good work culture, always has fresh ideas to present products according to consumer desires, and as a consumer … honestly, personally I am very satisfied with your service. With my skills that are able to communicate well, I hope that I can be accepted to work here and become a part of you.”

5. Question Five: What are your Goals for the Next 5 Years?

There are 3 answers that you can choose from for this question. Namely realistic answers like:

“I want to get married, have a car, dream house and always develop my skills and grow up in this company.”

Or use the second answer:

“I want to be a manager, just keep growing until I can reach the highest position in the company.”

Or the third answer by combining the two answers.

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There are many other questions that you must answer. Just prepare yourself as much as possible, the first job interview questions and answers end here.