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5 Camera Applications for the Best Laptops with Clear Quality

Camera App for Laptop

Generally, the camera function on a laptop or commonly called a WebCam, is more used to make video calls from various applications such as Skype, Zoom and others.

Aliases are rarely made for selfie photos. Even so, it turns out that there are many camera applications for laptops that make your photo shots more interesting and not inferior to photos taken from cellphones.

Here are the best WebCam apps with cool effects and filters that make your photos more interesting.

5 Best Camera Apps for Laptops

1. ManyCam


There are many special effects that you can use, ranging from wigs, hats, mustaches, glasses, animals and others. And the most fun part about this app is that you can change the background of the image with other photos. For example, beach backgrounds, mountains, plain pictures and so on.


  • Lots of fun effects available
  • Can download other effects when bored with the default effects provided
  • Free
  • There are accessories and backgrounds that can be added to the camera

2. YouCam


This application is very liked by many users because it gives a clean impression that is different from most WebCam cameras. There are many features ranging from editing features, face distortion lens filters, emoticons, dynamic effects and stickers. It doesn’t stop there, YouCam is the best and most comprehensive WebCam camera application.


  • There are avatar faces, AR stickers, and animations that can make video chats feel like a movie
  • Syncs with the Skype app, and supports face login on Facebook, Twitter and Amazon
  • Images are saved in various formats: BMP, JPG, PNG
  • Saved videos can be in AVI, WMV, MP4 formats, with a resolution of 240x to full HD
  • 30 day free trial offer

3. Photo Booth Pro

Photo Booth Pro

The next camera app for Laptops offers effects such as axial mirror photos, lens distortion, blur effects, and artistic filters to help you express your creativity. Photo Booth Pro has a photo strip feature that lets you record up to four images with different filters.


  • Images can be stored in local memory or to Cloud Storage
  • Can post photos that you take from Photo Booth directly to social media
  • Videos are recorded in Mp4 format and photos in JPG format
  • Video ratio available 4:3 and 16:9
  • Frame rate set at 640×360 and 30FPS

4. WebCamMax


One of the advantages of this application is that you can use multiple effects at the same time, and can create videos with unique styles. You can add videos, movies, flashes, images, floating text, supported by effects such as fire, mirror distortion, mosaic, water, smileys, mask effects, magic mirror, adjust colors and so on.


  • Lots of effects available around 1200 free effects online
  • Easy to access and install
  • The interface is simple so it’s easy to use
  • Free
  • Small file size

5. Webcam Toy

Webcam Toy

When you open the Webcam Toy application, you are automatically connected to the Laptop’s WebCam camera with additional interesting effects that make the photos more interesting. This application can be used offline, all you have to do is download the filter you want to use first, after that you can use filters and effects without having to connect to the internet again.


  • There are about 80 filter effects that you can try for free
  • Can be used offline
  • WebCam camera quality is getting better with WebCam Toy effects support
  • Can connect to WebCam automatically

The camera application for laptops above is able to increase the resolution of the laptop camera which is actually ordinary. But when compared to mobile phones, of course the WebCan camera is still inferior.