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5 Best Mobile Root Applications 2022 (All Android Versions) New!

root android

5 Best Mobile Root Applications 2022 (All Android Versions) New! – Compared to other gadgets, Android does give users more power to tinker with all the components in it. This activity is known as “root Android” which functions to provide wider access rights to users.

root android

By rooting, you can install applications that were not previously supported on ordinary Android or delete default applications that take up RAM.

Well, here is a list of 5 best Android root apps without fail that you can try for all versions of Android such as kitkat, jellybean, lollipop, marshmallow, nougat and even the latest version of Oreo.

5 List of Recommended Android Root Applications

1. Framaroot

Framaroot is the most popular Android root application that is trusted by gadget users. This application is very easy to install and can root without fail.


In addition, to root Android devices through this application is also very easy and effective without the need to use the help of a PC.

Moreover, this application has also been supported by many supporting applications that can be used to downloadboost devices that use Framaroot in order to work more optimally.

2. VRoot

Another application that can be used to open your access rights more freely is Vroot. This one root application is also very easy to run and has a high success rate.


However, to root using this application the user needs the help of a PC. The thing that needs to be considered when rooting is to ensure that the conditions USD Debugging is in the ON mode.

3. KingRoot

Another application that is no less popular among root Android users is King Root. This application has been released for a long time and has been successfully used to root hundreds of smartphones with Android OS.


In addition to having a root function, the advantage of this application is that it can improve device performance. In fact, Android will also be spared from bloatware so the memory space becomes more tenuous.

4. Xiaomi Redmi 2 Root Files

The Xiaomi brand is still relatively new to the Android market, but they have been able to hook gadget users. The number of Xiaomi users also brings up many supporting applications, one of which is the Xiaomi Redmi 2 Root File.

Xiaomi Redmi 2 Root Files

This application is specifically made for rooting Android Xiaomi Redmi 2 so that users can more freely tinker with their devices. To root with this application, users need a PC with a Windows 7 system.

5. SuperSU Pro

In addition to some of the applications above, another highly recommended Android root application is SuperSu Pro. Compared to other applications, SuperSU has very complete features, ranging from unroot facilities, script backups, themes, icons and fast access.

SuperSU Pro

In addition, another advantage of this application is that the feature continues to work in ghost mode so that it does not interfere with users if they want to do activities on a smartphone.

Recommended Applications After Root : 5 Root-only Android Applications to Modify Your Smartphone!

So, those were some of the top apps that you must try to root your Android smartphone. Before rooting, make sure that your device supports the above application. Rooting can be done by users of Oppo, Samsung, Asus, Vivo and even the latest gadgets