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5 Android Applications for Selling Credit for All Operators, Cheap and Trusted

Android Application for Selling Credit

One of the most important supporting tools in getting started pulse business namely the pulse application. Without this application, of course, the business cannot run even though it already has large capital and adequate equipment. In choosing this credit application, business people should not be careless.

Android Application for Selling Credit

They must pay attention to the performance and effectiveness factors of each application. To support the needs of pulse businessmen, here are 5 Android applications for selling credit, cheap and reliable that you can consider before starting.

Recommended 5 Android Applications for Selling Credit, Cheap and Trusted

1. Payfazz

Payfazz is an official credit server application issued by PT Payfazz Technology to support the pulse business. By using this application, you can sell cellular credit with big profits where agents can buy credit for only Rp. 4000, -.

In addition to cellular credit, this application can also be used to sell electricity tokens, internet subscriptions or online game vouchers. Another advantage that this application has is that agents can upgrade their member status to premium agent and the facilities cashback massively.

2. Palace Reload

Another application that sells cheap and reliable credit that can be tried in the credit business is the Istana Reload (iReload) application. Like Payfazz, iReload also facilitates users to sell credit, electricity tokens, internet vouchers or games.

The advantage of this application is that there are features fingerprint so that credit security is more secure from ignorant hands who are borrowing your cellphone. In addition, this application also supports all chat services to help facilitate credit transactions, ranging from SMS, WA, BBM to Telegram.

3. Mopay

The Mopay application is an application for selling credit which was developed by PT Maju Lintas. This application has become the most popular application because it has many attractive and profitable offers.


One of the most interesting programs is that users can get free credit by exchanging points owned. These points will be automatically obtained every time you make a credit transaction, for example 5 points for a 10k transaction.

4. Ayopop

The Ayopop application is one of the recommended credit sales applications because it has very complete features. This application provides a complete choice of credit nominal for all operators at a low price. In fact, if it’s a promo season, users can also get the cheapest prices.


In addition to the selling credit feature, other facilities provided by this application are: token and electricity bills, data packages, internet subscription payments, BPJS, Postpaid HP, PDAM, game vouchers, insurance or education costs. All these facilities can be enjoyed for a full 24 hours.

In fact, users are also provided with a transaction monitoring feature to determine the success of each transaction made.

5. Kioser

In addition to the several options above, the application that sells credit is also recommended, namely Kioser. This application serves all operator credit sales with all nominal, ranging from 5, 10, 15 to 100 thousand. In fact, you can also sell SMS packages through this application.


In addition to being cheap and reliable, this application also makes it easier for users to make transactions, namely through e-mail paypal. This application also supports 24/7 live chat so that it can serve users without any time limit.

Well, that was some information about Android applications to sell cheap and reliable credit. Good luck and good luck.