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3 Ways to Turn on a Dead Cellphone Total Battery Plant

How to Turn on a Dead HP Total Battery Plant

Phones with this type of battery are often annoying because of the total dead problem. In addition to these problems, this smart phone also often has problems getting stuck on the Android and OS logo when it is first turned on.

How to turn on a cellphone that is completely dead from planting and non-planting batteries is actually quite dependent on the type and cause of the cellphone being completely dead.

If the damage is minor, such as power down to 0%, overheating, and minor system failure, then this problem can be solved without having to visit an HP service center.

However, if the problem comes from something more serious, such as battery damage or an old cellphone, then you are forced to visit an HP service center and replace components.

How to Turn on a Dead Cellphone Totally Planted and Non-Planted Batteries

There are several reasons why HP can die completely and cannot be used at all.

  • The phone has been submerged in water or has been immersed in water.
  • Virus and malware attacks that have entered deep into the system.
  • System crashes due to failed updates.
  • Excessive heat due to prolonged use without rest (usually playing games).
  • A damaged or problematic battery.

To solve the problem of HP completely dead and cannot be turned on, you can try these 3 solutions.

1. Charge in Few Hours

Immediately do the charging to test whether the phone can still turn on or not. Do the charging in a short time.

Don’t unplug it in just a few minutes. Be patient and try charging it in a few hours. Usually HP is completely empty or no longer in prime condition.

If excessive heat is detected, then remove it immediately because if left it is very dangerous.

2. Uninstall Components

How to Turn on a Dead HP Total Battery Plant
Photo by Magnus Engø on Unsplash

This solution is generally applicable, including for those of you who experience the phone being submerged in water or submerged.

  • Clean the outside of the water.
  • Remove the attached components, starting from the casing, battery (non-embedding), SD card, SIM card.
  • Clean and dry the components.
  • It is recommended to leave the HP and its components for 24 hours.
  • After 24 hours, please try turning it on again.
  • If it’s on but bootloop alias only displays the HP and Android brand logo, try turning it on again by pressing the button power + volume down.
  • Do a factory reset, then wipe all data and reboot system right then and there.

3. Service to an Authorized Service Center

You can do this method with a high success rate if the previous two methods fail to produce results. Take your cellphone to an authorized service center.

Why should you go there? Authorized service centers know all about your HP.

All problems can be resolved appropriately and according to safe procedures. One of the reasons why people don’t go to official service points is the price.

Indeed, when compared to service in an unofficial place, the cost is more expensive. However, the results of the repair are guaranteed to be maximum and safe.

Another thing that makes you better off to an authorized service center is the availability of components.

If there are components that need to be replaced, then you will have no trouble looking elsewhere, which is not impossible and takes a long time.

Not all ways to turn on a cellphone that is completely dead from a planted battery are easy to do. If in doubt and do not have enough free time, you should just go to an official service center.

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Stuff like this is really annoying. After finishing repairing HP and HP fully alive, avoid activities that can cause HP to die, damage and die completely.