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10 Types of BCA Savings You Need to Know

BCA Savings Type

BCA or Bank Central Asia is the largest private bank in Indonesia, this bank has 10 types of BCA savings that customers can choose according to their needs. Each type of savings has its own advantages, the following is a discussion. However, before opening a savings account, it would be better if you read the article on the requirements for opening a BCA savings account so that when you go to the bank you can immediately prepare the conditions that have been determined.

10 Types of BCA Savings and their Savings Products

1. BCA Stages

This type of savings can function as a Debit card, ATM and Cash. One of the requirements for opening a Tahapan BCA account is an initial deposit of 500 thousand rupiah.

Later customers will be asked to choose the type of card used, where each card has its own savings products. There are 3 types of Tahapan Savings that BCA provides.

This type of Tahapan savings has a daily withdrawal limit of 7 million, while transfers via ATM can be done with a limit of 25 million. The administrative fee per month is 15 thousand.

Can be used to transfer money with a limit of 10 million to 50 million using debit. Administration fee per month is 17 thousand.

You can make transfers of up to 100 million. The limit is bigger, suitable for customers with high expenses. The debit limit is also large, it can reach 100 million and the administration fee per month is only 20 thousand.

2. Stages of Xpresi

This savings account is intended for 3 age groups: less than 12 years old, 12-17 years old, and over 17 years old, aka there is no age limit.

The difference between Tahapan Xpresi and Tahapan BCA is that the initial deposit is only 50 thousand, Tahapan Xpresi does not use savings, all transactions and check mutations are carried out through Mobile Banking, SMS Banking or Internet Banking, and the most interesting thing is that you can design your BCA card. alone.

If you are less than 17 years old, before making an Xpresi Savings, you must obtain parental permission or use a parent’s ID card.

3. Futures Stage

This BCA savings provides you with services like investing. You can choose a period of saving within a certain period of time, starting from 12 months and a maximum of 240 months.

During the saving period, you may not withdraw funds before the saving period is over. The desire to spend money is even more controlled.

4. Gold Stage

There are several advantages that you will feel if you use this savings. Some of them are that you can print your own passbook without having to queue at the CSO (Customer Service Office), have an online Automatic Transfer System (ATS) service, and more complete mutation info.

Stages Gold has 3 types of cards with their respective superior products. There are Blue, Gold and Platinum card types.
The requirements for creating this savings account are divided into 2: requirements for creating a Tahapan Gold Savings book for new customers and customers who already have a Tahapan BCA savings account.

If you are a new customer, prepare 10 million for the initial deposit into your account, and for those of you who already have a Tahapan savings account, just bring your ID, old Tahapan passbook and NPWP.

5. Tapres

The next 10 types of BCA savings are Tapres, this type of savings gives you convenience in the form of attractive interest rates, no need to have a savings book, and financial statements are provided with a checking account so that the information provided is more personal.

There are several things you need to know about Tapres Savings:

  • Minimum initial deposit of 5 million
  • Next minimum deposit 50 thousand
  • Average minimum balance per month 5 million
  • Administration fee per month is 17 thousand
  • Additional administration fee if the balance is below the average minimum, 10 thousand
  • The cost of making a card 15 thousand

Meanwhile, the requirements for opening a savings account are the same as opening any other savings book. To be sure, the age of the customer is above 17 years.

6. Student Savings

The students in question are all children who are still in school with no age categories and are intended for people who do not have an ID card. Starting from PAUD, SD, SMP and SMA.

One of the advantages of creating a Student Savings account is that you are freed from administrative fees, and the initial deposit is only 5 thousand rupiah.

Here are some of the administrations that will occur if you create a Student Savings account.

  • Initial deposit is only 5 thousand
  • Next deposit 1000 rupiah
  • The minimum balance left at the ATM is only 5 thousand
  • Cash withdrawal limit 7 million
  • Transfer limit 25 million
  • And it has no administration fee

7. My savings

Tabunganku is specifically for individual customers, not recommended for use by foundations or companies. The requirements for making Tabunganku are easy, it is also free of monthly fees, and the initial deposit for opening an account is only 20 thousand and the next deposit is only 10 thousand.

With the convenience and low cost of opening an account, it is very suitable for customers who don’t just keep large amounts of money in their accounts. But because of this convenience, for every day you cannot make cash withdrawals of more than 7 million and transfers between BCA are limited to 25 million rupiah.

8. DO

There are several important things you need to know about this type of savings.

  • First, you are more practical because you don’t need to go to the bank to make transactions.
  • Second, you are not given an administrative fee per month.
  • Third, security in transactions is highly guarded because the pin you use is one-time use.

To perform various transactions and registrations, you must first find a LAKU agent. How to transact later is quite practical. Insert the LAKU ATM card into the micro ATM, enter the amount or nominal of money you want to save or transfer then enter the pin.

You will get an SMS containing the OTP code, enter the OTP code then click the continue button, the money withdrawal receipt will immediately come out.

If the LAKU savings have not received BCA approval, the maximum balance you can save on the card is only 1 million rupiah.

9. BCA Dollars

You can make transactions in dollars. So specifically for dollars, only for dollars. This savings is very useful if you have a business with foreigners, invest, go on trips and others.

The requirements for opening a BCA Dollar savings account must be met by prospective customers.

  • Only valid for individual customers who are 21 years old or married
  • Fill out the registration form completely
  • Bring a photocopy of your identity (KTP/SIM/Passport) and the original file
  • If you are a foreigner, you can bring your NPWP
  • Minimum initial deposit USD100 or SGD200
  • Monthly administration fee USD1 or SGD2

10. Time Deposit

Almost like a Term Savings Account, you can save and invest at the same time. One of the advantages of this savings account is that you can choose the currency you want to deposit in.

Available timeframes range from 1 month to 12 months. If you choose to deposit rupiah money starting with a nominal value of 8 million and for foreign currency deposits: USD 1,000/SGD 2,000/HKD 8,000/AUD 2,000/JPY 150,000/GBP 1,000/EUR 1,000 and CNY 7,000

Of the 10 types of BCA savings above, which one do you think best suits your needs?